Good, Clean Fun

The Golden Bough. I only knew it as a bookstore where the ever friendly Eric Wakefield would open up cases so that I could see whether it was Perrault or The Brothers Grimm who wrote the Cinderella which included stepsisters cutting up their feet to fit into glass slippers. Needless to say, I enjoy the bookstore.Last night, I found out that the bookstore is magically transformed on certain nights of the week, most notably Tuesday nights (although I’ve heard of Thursday transformations and of course First Friday) into an entertainment powerhouse. The first thing is the free snacks and drinks (although donations are fully appreciated). The second thing is the incredible music. 

Now, I have to say that music isn’t the only thing that’s going on there. As expected, people with books they’ve written sometimes show up to read their works… and if you happened to catch Chris Offutt there (I didn’t, but I did hear him at Mercer), then you caught a treat. 

Back to Tuesday night. Rhett Thomas and Moira Glennon. I’m not even sure what to say about how good they are. It was obscure music with a little bit of Dylan thrown in, a cover from the new Krauss and Plant album, and a couple of songs from Rhett’s favourite songwriter, Grace Braun. Rhett and Moira warned us that the songs were really sad, but for some reason, everyone had a great deal of fun. There was bad joke telling, thinly veiled insults and lots of really good music.

There were valentine cookies and box wine that was actually refreshing (for better or worse).Rhett and Moira make their duo work through fancy guitar work from Rhett and powerful, haunting vocals from Moira. But more than a review of the “band” is just how comfy the Golden Bough is for something like this intimate setting – chairs set up in a semi circle facing the world religion wall, bohemian, out of place, and wonderful. Every seemingly normal person and ever weirdo gathered around had no doubt as to whether we belong here. We all mingle in relative harmony, delighting in good music and good company.

A few pictures to make you jealous:

Rhett and Moira 


Milling Around 


5 responses to “Good, Clean Fun”

  1. speakeasyx says :


    funny, there are some hyper-trendy folks in those shots that i believe i have seen their near-clones in every single city i’ve lived in.

    The Dreadlocked Bandana Wearer
    seen him in Lauderdale, Dallas, Detroit, Auburn, Dothan and Montgomery. Some times rebels, often running the gamut of musical interests from early Bob Marley to Mudvayne. often enjoy the obscure literature that can’t be found in your average book store. enjoys A Clockwork Orange immensely.

    The Bearded Wonder
    also, Lauderdale (though not often), Dallas, Detroit, Auburn (lots of them there last i visited), Dothan, Montgomery. These guys, despite their uber-manly beards, tend to be quiet, gentle characters. sensitive literates who enjoy Dashboard Confessional and/or Neko case.

    i really dig people watching.

    nice entry!

  2. angelcollins says :

    You are such an idiot (ha!)! Yeah, we here in the MacTown are uber trendy (I don’t know where the oomlat “u” is, so you have to take my American word for it). I love people watching too. I love when the camera gets to do it’s thing on the low-low and you get people au natural. Real smiles, real concentration, really what I see as I’m out and about. I love it.

  3. speakeasyx says :

    i’ll have you know, i am only an idiot during waking hours.

  4. Kevin says :

    Rhett’s a cool cat.

    I gotta get out into Macon more often.

  5. angelcollins says :

    yes, you do.

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