I am from Macon. I was born in the Medical Center, graduated from Southwest High School and plotted my escape from the boring town since I was 10. I’ve lived in Boston, MA and Los Angeles, CA and at one time planned to live in Austin, TX and Miami, FL.

But I am in Macon. Life brought me back here and, on my way to making the “best of it”, I discovered there was a lot to love about Macon.

It’s taken time. And will take more time. But it’s getting there.

So I write about what I see and think about this city we call Macon and my part in it.

This is Me, enjoying Macon, one delectable bite at a time.


5 responses to “About”

  1. bibomedia says :

    Have a nice day !

  2. newtownmacon says :

    Hello! This is Summer from NewTown Macon. We really like your blog and have subscribed, and would like to invite you to subscribe to ours as well.

    NewTown Blog Staff

  3. Ruth Sykes says :

    Love what you’re doing with this blog, Angel! It’s great to see our neighbors seeing all that’s great about Macon and sharing it with the world.

  4. Terrell Sandefur says :

    I’m loving SNACKING ON MACON. Angel…Thanks!

  5. jason says :

    Just moved to Macon. Good to connect. I’ll be at the new 567 tomorrow doing security all evening. Make sure you say hello.

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