Snacking on First Friday (and the weekend)

It’s been a while since I’ve been excited about a First Friday. Don’t get me wrong, there is always some good art being exhibited, some good music being played, some good drink specials being quaffed, but this week I’m particularly excited.


Lunch Beat Macon – Noon at Roasted Macon (Friday)


It’s like being at the club but in the daytime without alcohol and lunch. It may not sound like much fun to those allergic to dance, but if you get Shawty Slim in the room, it is sure to be a blast. Just off from a tour of Australia and Canada, he is coming to his adopted home town to help our feet do what they were meant to do. Dance.

BassFace: What’s in Yo Puddin’ – 9pm at The Brickhouse (downstairs bar at Crazy Bull) (Friday)


Oh no! This event is gonna make me pull out the Advil because all I’ll be doing for hours straight is dancing! I heard there will be a smile contest and the music will be loud. And I don’t know the other guys, but I know Squirrelly will make me dance and BassFace hasn’t steered me wrong yet. Andy Bruh, Drill Cosby, and 3nigma join Squirrelly and their only goal is to save your dancing soul.

Invert the Idols w/ Dragon Sleeper, Dog Head, and World Demise – 8pm at Back Porch Lounge (Saturday)

BackPorch Lounge

This event will require the application of Advil as well. I think Macon has one of the most interesting metal/thrash/heavy music scenes. In the late 90s, you couldn’t spit without hitting someone hoarsely shouting into the mic. It died off for a while, but I think that scene is coming back. If heavy music is your thing, this is definitely where you need to be on Saturday  night. Stop by for a shot of whiskey, down a cheap beer, and if you get kicked, don’t worry, you’ll like it.

Charlie & the Foxtrots w/ Radio Birds and Widow Pills – 9pm at The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom (Saturday)

charlie & the foxtrots

My friends Chris Nylund, Nathan Garrett, Daniel Strickland, John Cable, and Jared Wright, AKA Widow Pills, will open up this night of live music at The Bird. This is going to be a good show. You worry you can’t move to music? You don’t have to try tonight. Your body will do the moving for you! Widow Pills go on at 9pm so don’t wait too late and miss this fantastic local band. Then stay and get you some Radio Birds and Charlie & the Foxtrots. Grab a PBR tall boy and get ready for some goddamn rock ‘n roll!

Macon Film Guild Presents: Force Majeure – 7:30pm at The Douglass Theatre (Sunday)

force majeur

What could you do in an avalanche that changes how your whole family sees you? Macon Film Guild’s showing of the 2014 Cannes Film Festival award winning movie will give you a little insight as a family struggles with the aftermath of a disaster.

The Art – (click the link to find out more)

Macon First Friday @ Travis Jean

Opening Reception for “Shades of Grey” @ Macon Arts Alliance

Gallery West Grand Opening Reception @ Gallery West

First Friday Art Opening: Horizons and Spaces @ The 567

The Music – (click for more info)

First Friday Celebration with Mid-Life Chryslers @ The Library Ballroom

Sanfreeno’s Social Club presents: {{DEATH PANELS LIVE

RECORDING SESSION}} @ Sanfreeno Social Club (find the club through Fresh Produce Records on MLK)

Big Daddy & Company @ Billy’s Clubhouse

(Sunday) NOISE @ Sanfreeno’s w/ Jen Gelineau + Matt Robidoux Duo, Isa X, 

Section 35, Dok V, Corner Coronah + 4 @ Sanfreeno Social Club (ask @ Fresh Produce Records on MLK)

The “Other Stuff” – (click the link for more info)

First Friday African American Heritage Tour @ The Douglass Theatre

(Saturday) Bill Maher: Live Stand-Up Tour! @ Macon City Auditorium


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