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Whatcha Eatin’? Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby Edition

The Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby has grown in the last 5 years. I remember the first year. Only a few cars, a block party afterwards where we served food on our porches and in front of our houses. People walked around aimlessly trying the fare on the street and we all had a lot of fun.

My, how things have changed. This year we have four, count ’em, four awesome food trucks and I want to eat from every last one of them!

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Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Derby (and Music)


I’m very excited about this weekend.


If you don’t share my excitement, it’s because you don’t know what’s going on. And even if I don’t see you out for these three big events this weekend, here are a few things you could check out as well.

The Hummingbird has Have Gun Will Travel with Radiolucent in a free show on Thursday (free and $8 Bottomless Mug night), The Neal Lucas Band on Friday, with Funk You’s EP Release Show on Saturday ($5). All show start around 10pm.

Elsewhere on Friday, you can catch Louise Warren at the Cavern,  Fired Works Preview Party (as well as Fired Works all weekend long) at the Round Building in Central City Park, Caroline Aiken at the 567 Center for Renewal, and Copper Into Steel at Roasted Cafe.

But Saturday and Sunday… yeah, that’s when the fun begins.

I’m not saying these other events aren’t “the fun”. I particularly love going to Fired Works. Strange, useful, and strangely useful pottery seems to burst from the Round Building at Central City Park and choice pieces will be gone before you know it. No, this event is just as worthy and just as fun, but my excitement hackles don’t get up for it like it does for Bearstock, The Soap Box Derby, and the Return of Second Sunday in the Park!

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