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Another WTF? Weekend: Soapbox and Bearstock and Brunch, Oh My!


Let me get serious here. I know you’re used to things being a certain way when it comes to events in Macon. All of these events have those certain elements. Maconites don’t do things until the last minute so those of us who are planners get stuck trying to make it all work out so that you can enjoy events. Also, there are some things that come with their own controversy – who didn’t get recognized for helping whom, who has to forfeit their registration fee because they didn’t read the rules, who has to do all the work while someone else takes the credit, etc. etc.

But Y’all… these events are HAPPENING.

This weekend has marathon written all over it. And if you try to do. all. the. things., Sunday night won’t know what hit it.

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Four Broke Guys: Shawn Durham’s One Man Show


I met Shawn Durham more than 20 years ago when we were both volunteers for the Health Department’s Sex Education program. They convinced us to get in front of other students and teach them about things like sexually transmitted diseases and how to put a condom on a banana. It was the early 90s when AIDS was a hovering cloud and adults thought that maybe kids would listen to other kids when it came to these things.

And now, all these years later, J. Shawn Durham is still tackling the tough issues that hover like a cloud over our adulthood, but from a black man’s perspective. Now I’ll admit my copy of The Broke Brother’s Revolution is sitting on one of the stacks of books in my apartment, the bookmark a few chapters in, but the fact that he uses the book as a discourse for how black women believe black men should act, how black men react to this view, and how both look at “the game” is at times a little painful but also¬†funny, at least for the characters. It is from this field that Shawn is mining the gold for his one man show.

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