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Snacking on Macon Film Fest

I love it when I’m taking part in something (which I’ve always considered “snacking” in my head) AND I will also be eating things.

I love eating things.

First, the film snackage… I was fortunate enough to get a pass (and you can get an all access pass for $100, which is well worth it for the films you’ll get to see over 4 days and the food you’ll get to eat in that time as well) so that I can experience all that the Macon Film Fest has to offer. Up until this year I have either been fortunate enough to have a job that allowed me to take part in the film festival Thursday – Sunday (or no job – and while that part is not “fortunate,” I did get to spend all 4 days film hopping at the various venues). This year I have to work and nothing hurts more than missing films because they only play on Thursday when you’re working and another day when you won’t be able to make it. Bourbon will heal my wounds, though.

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Are You Effing Kidding Me??? Ode to Musical Joy on a Friday Night

Okay, this is not an ode. I’m pretty sure I would fail at writing an ode to musical joy on a Friday night, but if you want to, please let me know!

What I am excited about, in the same way I get excited about Girl Scout Cookie time or the sound that Skype makes when I’m looking for the call or the smell of old books sitting on a shelf waiting to be chosen, is all the music that is about to go down tonight!

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