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Sippin’ on Grant’s Lounge


For half a day, I was mayor of Grant’s Lounge on Foursquare.

Foursquare has this feature that let’s you know how often you’ve been somewhere. So when it told me that I’d been to Grant’s Lounge three days in a row (shut the frak up, Foursquare!), I marveled at how quickly Grant’s had become a hang out place.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my other places to imbibe, but the old/new dive bar was drawing my attention. First of all, one of my best friend’s husband was running the place, and the woman who asked me to be her maid of honor was making drinks behind the bar. It was a more than ideal situation.

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New Year’s Eve Dinner Showdown or How I Enjoyed Myself on New Year’s Eve


I’ll admit it. I like to eat. I like food that tastes good. I like food that gives me a pleasant food memory. I like food that makes me wish others had joined me. I went by myself because I didn’t want to rope anyone into paying as much as these dinners would cost, but as I stared at my steak in the first restaurant, I don’t mind admitting that I wish I’d had a partner in crime.

Taking applications for partners in crime.

Not only was it nice to enjoy my meals, but I enjoyed flitting from one place to another, one group of amazing people to another group of amazing people, hearing great music, and generally having a fabulous time on New Year’s Eve. So, where did I eat?

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