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Snacking on Wednesday Night

If you think the only thing to do at a bar is drink, you’d be sadly mistaken.

I just finished playing trivia at Red Eye Tavern, where I had some pleasing corn chowder. Then I headed to the ‘Bird for IVP and ladies night. The ‘Bird is still serving up food for happy hour and the crowd is growing from that first night.

Speaking of crowds, there looks to be a good group watching Rear Window at the Douglass and I will get to experience DJ Montalban, Jr. and Nomenclature’s front man Denny on the ones and twos.

And I walked to all these locations. I LOVE living downtown.


Snacking on the Week Beginning February 1

What a game Sunday, hmmm?!? We were all screaming at the top of our lungs for like the last 10 minutes of the game. How did your Super Bowl Sunday go? Did you get the 3-D glasses for the commercials? Did you watch Chuck in 3-D on Monday? Ah, well, that’s for another blog.

First of all, if you were at the 11th Hour’s Readers Choice Awards last Thursday, you were definitely a part of a magical night. Those of you who went to one of the after parties obviously had a good time. I hear the stories. Hell, I’m telling some of them.

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