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Snacking On Autumn

I was in Phoenix the first day you could smell that it was autumn here in Macon. I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but I love it. I love the thin line between Georgia hot as hell heat and the cold. It reminds me of California and the thing I loved the most about Cali was the weather. Short sleeves in the day, sweater at night.

We were thinking about taking a trip to north Georgia to watch the leaves turning. With everyone being so busy, I’m not even sure how it’s going to go. Viva la changing leaves!

I love living downtown. That means I get to walk in the autumn. Or fall. I fall a lot. I love when the wind is blowing and the smell is grass and sunshine, when the sky is a variety of shades. It makes me a little nostalgic for Boston and I begin to itch at the thought of snow. I know we won’t get it, but the autumn is always a sign. Too bad Macon doesn’t make good on that sign.

The autumn, however, means the beginning of good things. Hot chai with whipped cream and honey, hot chocolate made with half and half, lots and lots of coffee. It also means the end of some things, like frozen drinks – bleh!

Yes, I love autumn.