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Midnight Snack

Okay, it’s not midnight. It’s more like 2am, but I couldn’t go to bed without talking about the past few nights.

First of all, I love that the 4th was a Friday. That meant 3pm Thursday was the beginning of a long weekend. A long weekend that included 1st Friday. A long weekend that included our normal Saturday night dinner, a visit from my sister, and just general hanging about.

First off, I understand why people who hang out for First Friday wouldn’t go to the Contemporary Arts Exchange. It’s hot as hell in there. But if you had gone, you would have met a guy who didn’t understand how anyone born after 1970 would be into Dylan. Bob Dylan. This guy also told me that the story I was writing was wrong – even though it is a complete work of fiction written by me. But other than that, there was just the usual brand of good conversation, beer, and hanging out until much to late into the night.

Saturday Night Dinner – an event that now requires capital letters – similar to BAB Night at the Hummingbird, but involving cooking dishes, theme nights, and plenty of wine, stories, and people being nerds. Our nerdiness this past Saturday was sponsored by Risk 2210. Usually, it’s comic books. But we are just a group of people who enjoy food and love to talk and find getting together on a Saturday night to be a pleasing pursuit.

And I could not end this post without talking about the most fantastic potato soup I’ve ever put in my mouth this far into my life. It was the Potato Leek Soup at the Shamrock. I was in a Guinness mood and a comment by last week’s kickballers made me think of the Shamrock. I couldn’t go then, but I could this weekend, so my sisterly visitor and I headed there for food and drinks. We didn’t know what to get, but opted to split the nachos and get a cup of soup as well.

The Potato Leek soup was in a cup (as it should be) with nice healthy chunks of potato, a creamy blended potato and leek base (in the traditional potato soup vein, I suppose) topped with crunchy, freshly made bacon, chives, and shredded cheese. Not to be too poetic, but the flavours fairly danced on my tongue. I also heard that the french onion soup should not be missed.

I always enjoy it when food is the centerpiece of my weekend!