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Snacking on This Weekend

Ummm, this whole weekend is full of music. Chock full of music. If we keep going like this, we might begin to be the music city we keep dreaming of.



The Secret to a Happy Ending (Free!)

THE SECRET TO A HAPPY ENDING documents the Drive-By Truckers and their congregation of fans as they explore tales of human weakness and redemption. Filmmaker Barr Weissman followed the band during three critical years of touring and recording — years in which the band struggles to overcome the trauma of divorce and survives a near breakup. SECRET combines band interviews, behind-the-scenes footage on the road and in the studio, along with legendary live performances. Reflective of the band’s roots in Alabama and Georgia, the film explores the changing American South — its tangled past and strange beauty.

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Anticipating the Big Bird Bash

big bird bash

I’ve always like the title “Big Bird Bash.” It’s not just the Bs bouncing across my tongue, but the concept of a full day of music from some pretty good local talent. Next year, there will be no more Big Bird Bash. As we prepare for a multi day Macon music festival next year, we get to retire the Big Bird Bash in style.

It’s a stellar line up, that’s for sure! Gringo Grande, Modern Skirts, Back City Woods, Moon Taxi, Dirty Sound Professors, Drivin’ N Cryin’, and featuring Drive By Truckers. I’m pretty sure you want to go to this. Tickets at $25 is a deal since you’d probably pay this just to see the Truckers.   Also, Luther Williams Field is a great place to see some great bands. Who wouldn’t want to go? But I get it. Sometimes you just don’t have $25 to give to a night of music. You need gas to get to work or food for the next week. So I have a deal.

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Snacking on Day 2 of the Film Festival

The second day of the Macon Film Festival had me stealing a baby to come write with me at Roasted.

Well, technically, I didn’t steal him, but I did take him with me for the morning. Since he didn’t like to sit still, I didn’t take him to any of the film festival. Also, I wasn’t sure what I would see. Some of the films that seemed like they wouldn’t be a problem would have surprising things for impressionable eyes. I just didn’t want to have to explain some of those things to a baby, is all. How did the day go?

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Snacking on Day 1 of the Macon Film Festival


My first day of the Macon Film Festival started, for me, with a board meeting. I was interested, invested… but I could feel my psyche tapping its fingers, waiting for the hour to pass swiftly.

I was hosting one of the filmmakers, couchsurfing with me so he could enjoy the full weekend of movie festivities. I’m relieved that I enjoyed his film, a documentary about a whistling competition in which he competed called Skipping School to Whistle. There are a few I have found a bit tedious to watch, some I couldn’t even understand. After one movie, I was just going to admit to my stupidity and ask the filmmaker to tell me what his film was about, but if you’ve ever been to the Film Festival, you know that this weekend isn’t just about the movies.

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Considering a Macon Music Festival

At 11am today, the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom announced the Big Bird Bash, which will take place at Luther Williams Field this year and be a huge festival including Back City Woods, Modern Skirts, Moon Taxi, and Drivin’ N Crying, with Drive By Truckers as the headliners. Music starts at noon with Gringo Grande.

The surprise announcement was that in 2013, a non-profit was going to be formed to start a music festival, a two day event full of music. We’re about to have our very own brewery, we have our day of music in July with Bragg Jam, and as a city steeped in music tradition, it isn’t surprising that someone wants to statt a music festival. I’m not saying that we’re about to be the next SXSW, but two days of music, especially if you get the right mix of pop, local, and indie acts, could bring all kinds of people to some spot in Macon for two days. Can you imagine camping in a field in Bibb County Wanee-style?

So what should a 2 day music festival look like? Is there a way to break the mold or would we follow other festival traditions? We all know the biggest thing is having the funds to pay crowd drawing acts to the city. And the reason we worry about the funds is because we never truly know how many people will show up. Admit it, Macon, we don’t like making a commitment to do anything. We rarely buy tickets in advance or worse, we say we’ll go to something and end up making an excuse (usually lame, sometimes justified) and not going. In that way, we never know if 4 people will show up or if we’ll see the entire city.

So now that you know it’s happening, what do you think the Macon Music Festival should be like? What kind of lineup do you think it should have? Where do you think the festival should be? Do you think it adds to the music culture in Macon? Do you think it could challenge the Cherry Blossom Street Party to be more proactive in getting acts that every citizen in Macon would want to see? Do you think it would make Bragg Jam more appealing to bigger names? Tell me what you think about this announcement.