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What Are We Doing?

When Chris Horne ran for city council a few years ago, I felt a tide turning. He challenged all of us to be the change we wanted to see. As a result of his run, I realized that I couldn’t just sit around any more. I had to start getting involved. Not just writing about the great stuff going on in town but also helping the great things going on in town come into bloom. Maybe I wanted to put my name on history, but mostly, I wanted to see what we were doing from the inside to see what we all could do from the outside.

It goes without saying that we need to be involved. If someone could find the magic formula for making people come out to things, that person could grow rich working for all of these organizations that want your $5 to $50,000 (whatever bracket you fall into). But there is not magic formula. People labor under the impression that there is nothing to do in Macon so therefore they don’t seek it out. People labor under the concept that there is a “cool” way to be – informed by peers, magazines, television programs and commercials, etc. While this last isn’t particularly a Macon problem, it is one that strongly affects the people who want to do things in Macon. And forget about our racial and class-ist backwardness. More on that later.

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