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Snacking on Bragg Jam

I feel like I just wrote about Bragg Jam!

Last year’s Bragg Jam was my first, the first time I wasn’t out of the state for work or out of the country for me. Last year, I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off, and it would have gone much worse for me if I hadn’t had my handy dandy printed Venue/Musicians checklist.

Do you have your Bragg List ready?

This year, the Bragg Jam page doesn’t have a great way for you to print and highlight your list. Sure, you could use your phone and check the listings, but you know it’s going to be dead by 9 because everybody and their pooch has been calling you to find out which venue has your your attention at the moment, and you’ve been taking too many pictures, or you accidentally dropped it in your reasonably priced extra large beer. While the Concert Crawl page on the Bragg Jam site is beautiful, I want a print worthy list.

So I made a .pdf of the Bragg Jam Schedule. Just click the link and print it out.

That printed list saved my ass last year as bands didn’t go on in time, or other bands ran over, etc. I think it might be helpful to you as well.

This year’s list of bands look so good. It’s good to see Third Street Park and The New 567 at 533 Cherry Street on the list. Of course, The 567 was a venue last year, just remember they are at a new address. So, who are you going to see? I’m definitely making my start at Third Street Park before heading to the Hummingbird. Then it’s a toss up between Bottom’s Up and The 567. I’m hoping that I will get to see American Aquarium for sure, then maybe catching the end of Abby Owens and the Dirty Guv’nahs with some Citizen Insane in the mix. And where in the HELL will I end up at the end of the night? Ralph Roddenbery Band? Roly Bots? Hank Vegas? Tron Jackson just because their band name is Tron?

I hope the printable schedule works for you and if you were on the fence about whether you should go to Bragg Jam, my answer is a resounding Hell Yeah! Even the heat can’t beat how good this event is and you get the best of local (although a few are missing – MagTard, Xavii, Trendlenberg, Back City Woods, Cult of Riggonia) you also get some really good bands that travel to Macon often (American Aquarium, The Dirty Guv’nahs) and one of my favourites from last year, The Moaners, are returning as well. There’s plenty to do, eat, and definitely hear, so get out there and enjoy yourself!

So, let me have it! What’s your schedule going to look like?


Snacking On Mellow Mushroom w/ Holy Ghost Tent Revival & MagTard

The first time I visited a Mellow Mushroom, I met a good friend for the first time, someone I’d known online for nearly 5 years. I also had my first beer with an orange in it. A few years have gone by since that moment, but the experience left a pleasant thought in my mind when it comes to the pizza establishment. A year ago, Macon got its own Mellow Mushroom. Why would any of us want to go to Mellow Mushroom in Macon?

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Snacking On What You Missed: Royal Fireworks, Gringo Star, & Roly Bots

We usually walk wherever we want to go because we live downtown. After stopping by the neighbors, we were a group of four, walking and talking about the things we love. Music, food, living downtown… I would almost call it living the life. Saturday’s adventure would take us to The Cox Capitol Theatre to hear an old favourite band as well as give us a chance to maybe make some new favourites. Every concert or show gives us this opportunity and as much as I can, I like to take advantage of it. So how did our evening fare with Royal Fireworks, Gringo Star, and Roly-Bots playing for our entertainment, all for only $7?Unknown Object

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Snacking on Royal Fireworks, Gringo Star & Roly-Bots @ The Cox Capitol Theatre

People are really catching on to the fact that we are poor ass mofos because the show at the Cox Capitol Theatre tonight is only going to cost us $7 to get in. Of course, if you’re poorer than that, maybe your other skills can be bartered for entrance. So who’s playing tonight?

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Snacking on When Your Strange @ The Cox Capitol Theatre

I fell in love with the Doors in 1996.

It was a Sunday night, I think, and I was listening to Q-106 when they went from their regularly scheduled program to a smooth voiced man talking about the 1971 recording of L.A. Woman by The Doors. I thought I was going to hear a few songs and some biography, but he played the entire record from start to finish and I recorded it on tape. I don’t know how many times I listened to that tape, especially Riders on the Storm, but I know I wore the tape down to nothing. Read More…

Snacking on Macon Noise Vol. 1 Fundraiser @ Grants Lounge

[UPDATE: Now with Pictures!]

This post is a long time coming and is pretty long, but you will understand why if you were part of the event.

Friday night, things got off to a good start with the Macon Noise Vol. 1 Fundraiser. Paying a grand total of $3, those of us who ventured to Grant’s Lounge on Poplar Street in downtown Macon were treated to six bands (and a comedian). That’s the best deal I’ve ever had when it comes to music. Scotty Lingelbach started it all off, followed by Some Witches Are Horses, which gave me a new love for the autoharp. Xavii was up next. I heard them play at the Local 478 Final Friday event a week before and while I liked what I heard, I wasn’t overly impressed. They showed me, at Grant’s, why the name Xavii gets people out to listen.

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Snacking on Punk in Downtown Macon w/Mojo Pop

I caught Mojo Pop at the Golden Bough on Thursday night. They were supposed to be there with Who Goes There, but Who Goes There broke down somewhere in South Carolina – or something – and Mojo Pop showed up at the Golden Bough to regale us with all 7 of their songs. It was a small crowd, but definitely a lively one. Does this show represent the beginning of punk’s return to Downtown Macon?

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