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Snacking on Singer Songwriters

Eschewing Second Sunday in the Park (took a really long nap and didn’t want to be in the heat), I left my house at 8:35 and walked down to the Rookery, thinking to catch the end of the new Open Mic night that started a few weeks ago. I heard Justin Cutway and Aaron Irons talking about a songwriting challenge and I wanted to see what it was all about.

The night was eating the day, digesting some of the heat. I caught up with Everett Verner and we talked about the weather and how great it is to own cats before he forked off towards his home and I continued straight down Cherry Street to get to the Rookery.

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Snacking on Back City Woods w/Sean Clark & Amber Bennett @ Mellow Mushroom

One night, in 1998 I believe, I couldn’t sleep. Tossing and turning, I decided to just turn on the radio and use music to lull me to sleep. I couldn’t play my CDs because I loved them and besides, there is no way you can fall asleep with Tool blaring in your ear. Yep, just the radio, and obviously a station that played low key music. I turned it to Z-108, the light rock station. I knew the words to and sang every song that came on. By the time I finished singing Gloria Estefan’s Anything For You, the fifth song by the way, I knew I had to change the station. I ended up on a country station, now long gone, and after about three songs, I fell into peaceful sleep. However, it did something I didn’t expect.

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Snacking on Bragg Jam: The Aftermath

I didn’t drink too much, although whatever was in that punch that Gary Schechterle was selling outside of his restaurant, Lemongrass, pretty much guaranteed that I didn’t need to spend any more money on drinks. The drink was delicious – not too sweet, the taste of cloves lingering on my tongue, the vodka was so hidden that when it hit, I almost forgot where it came from.

That drink is the perfect description of this year’s Bragg Jam. It was delicious and when I got through the whirlwind that was great music, I almost couldn’t pinpoint where all that radical came from.

It was hot. Hot as hell. The hottest day of the year it seems. I caught up with Savana Cameron at the end of Magnolia and we stalked our way down Cherry Street towards the festivities. With $20 and a wristband, I was able to walk into 6 venues downtown – and if I had chosen, gone to three other venues by way of trolley. But my destination, since it was after 5:15, was The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom. My intention was to catch Al K!ng, since I hadn’t seen him since the beginning of the year, then head back into the heat to watch DJ Dirt Dog mix in Third Street Park but something happened at The Bird…

It got really awesome.

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