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Snacking on New Year’s Eve

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I’ve already written a post about things to do on New Year’s Eve. There is a cornucopia of things to do just in downtown, much less what may be happening all over the city. I will find myself in and around downtown Macon, mainly so I can walk home, avoiding drunken idiot drivers, avoid being a drunken idiot driver, as well as avoiding cops thinking I’m a drunken idiot driver. But the festivities start later in the evening. What’s a person to do before the music starts?



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Ho Ho Holidays… Or the End of the World – You Decide!

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There’s a lot going on this year. For some, 2012 has been awesome. Not for me though. I won’t let it stop me from helping you get your holiday party on… I mean, celebrating this auspicious time of year. So, whether you’re going out with the end of the world or taking the risk that we get to make it to 2013, here are a few things to spur these last three weeks on. Read More…