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Cult Movie Nights at Envy

When I heard that Envy was showing Cult Movies on Tuesday nights, I was all for it, but when I wrote about it, I got a comment that said it sounded like a terrible idea. I know, it could have been someone who wanted to just be negative, or maybe it was someone who seriously thought it was a bad idea.

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Enlighten Me, Downtown Macon!

Macon is an interesting town.

There are those who don’t think so, of course. This past First Friday, downtown Macon had an Easter Egg hunt, but the eggs were not your typical boiled eggs brightly coloured. These eggs contained prizes and gift certificates from businesses in the area. What a way to combine the upcoming holiday, First Friday and a marketing campaign for the downtown area. Yet when I read the article about it on, and the subsequent comments, one commenter made a remark about bringing their gun.

I wanted to say take the cannoli, leave the gun. But I stopped myself.

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We Got Your Live Music Scene Right Here!

A friend of mine has something to say about music in Macon. It’s something pretty important and I think that it needs to be up wherever there is talk about Macon and the things going on in this city. In it’s full entirety. If you got something to say, say it here online or go say it to him out loud. We’ll both appreciate it!

(This is the long ass response I had to an editorial in the Mercer Cluster, which stated we have no music scene and then blamed it on the lack of bands and venues. While I agree we have some work to do, my belief is that what we lack is fans. Wow. That’s probably all I had to write… whoops. If you feel like reading three pages of my ranting, get down on it.)

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