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Things That Should Be Said

Yesterday, the creative community lost a contributor, Daniel Muhammed/Poetic Simbaltia Elimu/Mr. S/Speak, Poet, Speak. In fact, every time I saw him, he had a different name. His name on facebook changed constantly, but he always kept his image.

I was introduced to Daniel by Craig Burkhalter on a first Friday. It was one of those Fridays when I was able to just walk around.  I wasn’t there for an organization or to promote anything. I was upstairs to moon over works of art that I wanted to get from Craig before heading down to the O’Dell studio for beers, to moon over his paintings and to hang out with my familiar First Friday crew. We’d eventually end up having too many High Lifes and singing along to someone picking a stringed instrument, but that’s a story for another day. Daniel was very interested in my life as a writer and spent the next 20 minutes of our time coming up with all the stories I could write about him. Every time he saw me, he wanted me to write about him.

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