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Snacking on Music: Molly Parden, Harrison Hudson, and Oh Dorian (with Band!)

If you go out to hear music, and not to sit in a bar soaking up the cigarette smoke, $7 would have gotten you into one hell of a show at the 567 on Saturday night. Some people were in the mood for love. And to those people I say, “blergh.” Others were in the mood to rock. They were in good company. 4 musicians played a show with a range of music, from soft singer/songwriterly songs to hard edged 50s tinged rock ‘n roll. We heard a lot of new stuff and one band became our new favourite.

I had a blast at TheBlueIndian.Com Presents show at the 567 this past Saturday. I originally went to see Oh Dorian, but found that the others offered much in the way of musical creativity and enjoyment.

Yeah, they were frakkin’ awesome. How awesome were they?

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Snacking on New Oh Dorian

Despite being a self proclaimed stalker of singer/songwriter Heather Kemp, better known as Oh Dorian, I find that I know next to nothing about the new music that she will be playing tonight, February 13, 2010 at the 567 on Cherry Street.

I’ve listened to Strung Finger of an Old Dear over and over for the past few months as if that song will give me a clue but all it does it taunt me with the difference in musical styles from the other things I’ve collected from every Oh Dorian show I’ve been too.

No, these collected things are not trophies.

There are two things I know about tonight’s upcoming show…

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