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Beer, Derby, Beards, Sunday – Snacking on the Weekend

Be prepared to spend the next 4 days with everyone you know.

The Reader’s Choice Awards are back and yours truly was not nominated this year. However, that means that instead of the stomach clenching pain of the possibility of this local only blog winning and then the disappointment of finding out a national website won, I will be able to sit back and watch all the action happen. What that also means is that my friends have all my attention and don’t have to spend the night feeling sorry for me. Also, no one will buy me sympathy shots. Bummer.

But all the things that make Macon great, as nominated by you, dear readers, will be out in full force, usually in their finest and ready to have fun. They will cheer when they win, laugh when they lose, and drink champagne/beer/mixed drinks like champions. Because if you’re out, you’re a winner.

Now does it mean you’re not a winner if you don’t make it to the Awards on Thursday? Maybe if that was the only thing that was going on this weekend, but you will need plenty of rest as you consider where to expend your energy this weekend. Whether you spend the obvious school night and stay out with the people most of Macon considers the best or you decide to indulge in a small park beer fest, whether you consider watching cars built by your friends racing down a very steep hill (nothing could go wrong, right?), or you decide that the music you want to hear is played by a band named KOPECKY and Sunday is the best day for it, you definitely have a lot to consider. So what’s on tap for this weekend? The big things and the small things that equal the awesome things? Check it out below!

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Are You Effing Kidding Me??? Ode to Musical Joy on a Friday Night

Okay, this is not an ode. I’m pretty sure I would fail at writing an ode to musical joy on a Friday night, but if you want to, please let me know!

What I am excited about, in the same way I get excited about Girl Scout Cookie time or the sound that Skype makes when I’m looking for the call or the smell of old books sitting on a shelf waiting to be chosen, is all the music that is about to go down tonight!

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Snacking on An Abundance of Awesome


Abundance of Awesome, you say? Why yes, so say we all. Anticipating the return of an awards show, the return of a DJ, and the reunion of a band, and some Wiseblood House goodness, you can’t help but use both the word abundance and awesome. Read More…

Snacking on This Weekend

Ummm, this whole weekend is full of music. Chock full of music. If we keep going like this, we might begin to be the music city we keep dreaming of.



The Secret to a Happy Ending (Free!)

THE SECRET TO A HAPPY ENDING documents the Drive-By Truckers and their congregation of fans as they explore tales of human weakness and redemption. Filmmaker Barr Weissman followed the band during three critical years of touring and recording — years in which the band struggles to overcome the trauma of divorce and survives a near breakup. SECRET combines band interviews, behind-the-scenes footage on the road and in the studio, along with legendary live performances. Reflective of the band’s roots in Alabama and Georgia, the film explores the changing American South — its tangled past and strange beauty.

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Snacking on Day 2 of the Film Festival

The second day of the Macon Film Festival had me stealing a baby to come write with me at Roasted.

Well, technically, I didn’t steal him, but I did take him with me for the morning. Since he didn’t like to sit still, I didn’t take him to any of the film festival. Also, I wasn’t sure what I would see. Some of the films that seemed like they wouldn’t be a problem would have surprising things for impressionable eyes. I just didn’t want to have to explain some of those things to a baby, is all. How did the day go?

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Snacking on Day 1 of the Macon Film Festival


My first day of the Macon Film Festival started, for me, with a board meeting. I was interested, invested… but I could feel my psyche tapping its fingers, waiting for the hour to pass swiftly.

I was hosting one of the filmmakers, couchsurfing with me so he could enjoy the full weekend of movie festivities. I’m relieved that I enjoyed his film, a documentary about a whistling competition in which he competed called Skipping School to Whistle. There are a few I have found a bit tedious to watch, some I couldn’t even understand. After one movie, I was just going to admit to my stupidity and ask the filmmaker to tell me what his film was about, but if you’ve ever been to the Film Festival, you know that this weekend isn’t just about the movies.

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Snacking on Royal Fireworks, Gringo Star & Roly-Bots @ The Cox Capitol Theatre

People are really catching on to the fact that we are poor ass mofos because the show at the Cox Capitol Theatre tonight is only going to cost us $7 to get in. Of course, if you’re poorer than that, maybe your other skills can be bartered for entrance. So who’s playing tonight?

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