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Floco Torres: Childhood Summers, Celebrity Dreams

studiorobThe kid watched me as he walked by, me at the front door waiting in vain for someone to open the door. I say kid because, though he’s taller than me, his peach fuzz has peach fuzz. I’m hot and sweaty from my walk up Orange Street, the dogs inside are barking their fool heads off, and I hope that the kid carrying a guitar is heading to where I was asked to be.

“Are you here to meet Floco?” I ask. He’s sizing me up maybe wondering if he could take me. He nods and inclines his head towards the back of the house where Star Motel Studios is housed. Even though I’m wondering who he is and what I’m in for, I follow him gratefully towards the back because I know I’ll find a cold drink inside.

I’m sipping on a Coors Light and wondering how Rob Evans could possibly consider himself a downtown Maconite and not have whiskey on tap. But as he explains it, the summer is for clear liquids. Since I’ve been incorporating more gin and tonics into my repertoire, I ain’t mad at it. It is, after all, a nice way to begin a behind the scenes recording session that I was invited to earlier that day. My Macon contemporaries Y.O. Latimore and Molly McWilliams Wilkins are invited as well and it’s nice to watch the other writers in action.

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Another WTF? Weekend: Soapbox and Bearstock and Brunch, Oh My!


Let me get serious here. I know you’re used to things being a certain way when it comes to events in Macon. All of these events have those certain elements. Maconites don’t do things until the last minute so those of us who are planners get stuck trying to make it all work out so that you can enjoy events. Also, there are some things that come with their own controversy – who didn’t get recognized for helping whom, who has to forfeit their registration fee because they didn’t read the rules, who has to do all the work while someone else takes the credit, etc. etc.

But Y’all… these events are HAPPENING.

This weekend has marathon written all over it. And if you try to do. all. the. things., Sunday night won’t know what hit it.

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Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Derby (and Music)


I’m very excited about this weekend.


If you don’t share my excitement, it’s because you don’t know what’s going on. And even if I don’t see you out for these three big events this weekend, here are a few things you could check out as well.

The Hummingbird has Have Gun Will Travel with Radiolucent in a free show on Thursday (free and $8 Bottomless Mug night), The Neal Lucas Band on Friday, with Funk You’s EP Release Show on Saturday ($5). All show start around 10pm.

Elsewhere on Friday, you can catch Louise Warren at the Cavern,  Fired Works Preview Party (as well as Fired Works all weekend long) at the Round Building in Central City Park, Caroline Aiken at the 567 Center for Renewal, and Copper Into Steel at Roasted Cafe.

But Saturday and Sunday… yeah, that’s when the fun begins.

I’m not saying these other events aren’t “the fun”. I particularly love going to Fired Works. Strange, useful, and strangely useful pottery seems to burst from the Round Building at Central City Park and choice pieces will be gone before you know it. No, this event is just as worthy and just as fun, but my excitement hackles don’t get up for it like it does for Bearstock, The Soap Box Derby, and the Return of Second Sunday in the Park!

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Snacking on First Friday

There are a lot of things going on in Macon tonight and I will be down for most of them. Some people who live downtown hate First Friday, preferring to stay at home. Others believe First Friday is the only time it’s safe to come downtown. Others just know that at least on First Friday, there’s definitely something to do. Whether they follow the right people on Facebook or not, they will find something fun. Whatever you decide, I’ll be hanging on the streets and in the buildings of downtown Macon, enjoying my First Friday.

A few things I’m looking forward to:

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Snacking on Crossroads Writers Conference

I didn’t get to make the Crossroads Literary Festival, which was a festival offered in conjunction with the Crossroads Writers Conference that showcased writers and offered readings and was a completely free event for the community in and outside of the College Hill Corridor, but I did make the Writers Conference and it was a well needed treat!

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