Friday, Friday, Friday! The Local Showcase

For the first part of the Locals Showcase, I will be at the Patron Party. Now, don’t mind if I give anything away, but…

This year, the Patron Party is New Orleans themed and being held at the Marriott Conference Center. That’s right, you can snack on andouille sliders and suck the head of crawfish for most of the night. Drinks abound, including the new Macon Beer Company IPA, Macon Music. And you can gamble… for prizes. Why didn’t you get your tickets already??? Never fear; if you decide you want to go, you can buy a patron party pass the night of the event, which includes a concert crawl ticket, at the Marriott.

Sounds like fun and it will be, but I’m going to trade in my heels* and beads afterwards to mix it up with some of my favorite Macon Musicians at The Bird for The’s Local Showcase.

Once upon a time, if you decided to brave the night, and sometimes small crowds, to see a band you’ve never heard of you would end up being rewarded by some of the best music you’ve ever heard. That’s what happened when Doski Wo held an event to collect blankets and Justin Smith and Jared’s Wrights new band Roly Bots played for the first time. The entire city was blown away, either to their face or by the number of people commenting on them the next day at Second Sunday. Those who witnessed them first hand were wishing they would just show up and do another concert right then and there. It wasn’t the first time people have felt like that – those were also feelings brought on by bands like City Council, Nomenclature, and Citizen Insane, to name a few.

Now, most of Macon has the opportunity to be a part of something like this. Two of these bands have gotten the kinks out with a couple of shows behind them to really bring something to the stage. One of these bands is revamped. Will the music be just as infectious, calling me to dance my ass off while praying that I took enough ibuprofen to wake up and do the Arts and Kids Fest justice? And the last, a full band for once, backing up a man who takes his lyrics and emotions seriously, playing at The Bird again.


Photo courtesy of Facebook page

Widow Pills, a Civil War era word for bullets, contains Nathan Garrett (guitar, vocals), Chris Nylund (guitar), Daniel Strickland (bass), and John Cable (drums). As the newest band, they are opening up for the others. They are working on recording an album which draws from influences like Waylon Jennings, the Clash, and Tom Waits. They previewed a track called Back Down to Georgia which give you a hint of what they sound like. Just know they sound great live!


Houston Photo courtesy of Facebook copyright Sheri Featherston

Next up is Houston. However you pronounce it, the band features Justin Cutway (vocals, guitar, keyboard), Chris Nylund (guitar), Justin Smith (drums), and Shawn Williamson (bass). This nigh unpronounceable band – no matter how you say it, it’s wrong – just may rock your socks off. At their last show at Grants, they had a few hiccups, but the sound of the band was good.


Roly Bots photo courtesy soundcloud

After Houston (Houston?) is Roly Bots, a group comprised of Justin Smith, Shawn Williamson, Jared Wright and Josh Smith. Who knows what they really play since they usually jump between instruments? This was my favorite, favorite band. I can’t tell you how many times I enjoyed dancing to them and paid the consequences as well. The band has regrouped so I am eager to see just how they’ve changed, what they have in store, and how they plan to keep me dancing.


Floco Torres Band photo courtesy Facebook © Andy Carter

Floco Torres Band photo courtesy Facebook © Andy Carter

Finally, Floco Torres and His Band. I’ve been fortunate to meet the talented individuals that make up his band. Floco Torres (front man, occasional guitar/bass), Daniel Lee Graves (bass), and Travis Reeves (drums). Sometimes he’ll get Cliffy Diaz aka DJ Montalbon as his DJ though probably not this show. The band rocks hard. I’ve always loved Travis Reeves on drums and I’m getting to know Daniel Lee Graves on guitar and bass. I appreciate their hip hop backgrounds, which is why they sound so good with Floco.  Floco takes his emotions and puts them to words better than most, visiting subjects like love, rejection, rising above the criticism, handling success, and how hot it can get in Macon and how that relates to him (he’s going to hate me for that one).


All in all, I’m really excited about what Friday night will bring and don’t expect me to slack off on Friday night just because I have so much to do on Saturday. These weekends, filled with friends, fun, laughter, and drinking, are meant to be cherished and used up so that the ghost of them will warm us  even if the memories fade… or, you know, you black out.

*Yes, I’m wearing heels. Shut up.


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