Bragg Jam 2014: Middle Georgia State College Stage

Full Disclosure: I work for Middle Georgia State College and I frequent the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom. Often. It is one of my favorite bars. But when I say that the Middle Georgia State College stage is my favorite complete stage for the festival, I’m not saying that out of anything but pure admiration for the team that put this stage together. In previous years, I get why different bands have been at this stage, but this year, the bands match the venue so well – what the bar is on a regular basis, the type of music you normally hear there, etc. The only stages that are put together as well is the 11th Hour Stage at Roasted Cafe and Lounge and The Deeps Roots Festival Stage at the Hangar.

That’s not to say that the other spots don’t offer great music. Far from it. While other stages offer the eclectic mix that might draw a variety of people, those who find themselves crowding the Middle Georgia State College Stage at the Bird will get more their money’s worth.

Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires – Their new album, Dereconstructed, has been getting a lot of praise lately, but as anyone who has fallen in love with live music can tell you, the album has nothing on their live show. Lee Bains III and the Glory Fires made it out to the Bird a few months ago to give us a taste of their set and I have to say that show put them in the front runner for “must see band” during Bragg Jam. Lee Bains III & the Glory Fire have a rollicking brand of rock and roll and the first note will make you want to take to the dance floor. This is the start of a lineup that could quite possibly make the rest of your night. Find out more about Lee Bains III & the Glory Fires here. Hear them before Saturday here, but be prepared for them to blow you away at The Bird on Saturday at 6:30pm.


black cadillacs

Photo courtesy Facebook ©2014 Amy Nichole Harris

The Black Cadillacs – They are your standard blues based hard rockin’ band, straight out of Knoxville, TN, yet Will Horton’s whiskey tinged vocals promises to bring the energy that a live set requires, one that can’t always be captured in a recording studio. The great thing is that listening to their records is more than fun. How much more, then, will the live set get our boots to tappin’? According to their Facebook page: With members from each of Tennessee’s major cities, the state’s famous sounds are well represented. Nashville’s recent brand of rock ‘n’ roll revival, Memphis’ soul, and Knoxville’s roots music combine to form an authentic and original sound.

If you’ve never heard them, you’ll enjoy getting to hear them in advance of their show here. Just be prepared to sing along when they go on stage at 8:30pm.


American Aquarium – I met the fellas about 6 or 7 years ago on a Monday night. I’d settled down into a corner with a glass of Guinness to write when I started an impromptu interview session with the bands playing that night. What started out as procrastination made me a huge fan of the band I stayed up with late that night drinking whiskey and singing Gram Parsons songs. It’s not nostalgia that makes me excited for this show, or being able to grab a quick hug from the guys, but it’s the fact that the music is so good. The mix of heartbreak, anger, alcohol, and lessons learned might not normally be a good combination, but when it comes to American Aquarium, it turns out to be the perfect combination to raise your beer or whiskey to and sing along.

You can check out more of their music here in anticipation of their live show at 10:30pm.


thewhigsThe Whigs – This is a great close out band. Kind of like a workout, the previous bands get your heart rate up and without losing the energy, The Whigs bring you back to a steady beat. Don’t get me wrong. They don’t lose the rock and roll edge. They just also add that end of the night calm down that we all need. While The Whigs want you to get off the internet and watch a live show, until they go on Saturday/Sunday morning at 12:30am, you can catch them on the internet here.


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