Bragg Jam 2014: The Revival Fest Stage

Sponsored by the Revival Fest, a Savannah, GA music festival and self described “modern day low country hoedown”, the upstairs at The 567 Center for Renewal (533 Cherry Street) holds the bands that you will want to groove to. Being one of the few “all ages” stages, the bands here will offer you good, clean fun, and  music that almost anyone can groove to.

Tha Hugs (according to their Facebook page): Five boys who are basically grown-ups who really love music. Southern by birth, rock n roll by the grace of proximity. Everyone in this band likes to get down and get down they do… [Their music is] New-town with a little doom-wop thrown in, sugar-punk spread evenly throughout, with a slight tinge of psychadelia-leaning-post-garagerock-surfabilly.

Or indie.

You can catch their music ahead of time at their bandcamp page. They have a likeable sound and their own description is very apt. If you can handle all of those genres coming from five boys, you’ll enjoy your time. They go on at 5:30pm.



photo from Facebook page

Family and Friends (according to their Facebook page): As these things so often do, Family And Friends began as a lowly seedling of inspiration. “Good music, good people.” A stalk gave yield to branches. One became six, a collective of musicians by trade, lovers by spirit. Inspired by a life worth living, the Fam and Pals remained rooted with three ambitions in heart, mind, and soul: the people, the music, the memories. The reflection represented by blend of earnest folk rock and a communal spirit pouring a collective heart into something bigger than itself. An intangible force of an unfaltering love worth giving away. A Family And Friend tree ever-growing, ever-lasting.

They have music at their bandcamp page as well and their album, entitled Love You Mean It, has an infectious mix of danceable, low-key tunes. The blend of voices is hypnotic, the progression of music is intoxicating. They will be worth your time if you can catch them at 7:30pm.



photo by Andy Carter from facebook page.

sunDollars (according to their Facebook page):  In bedrooms and garages, the four have crafted a lonesome, yet vibrant set of songs that are very much inspired by place. Communion can be found in their songs and at their live shows. Egos are unwelcome and revelry is encouraged, as they swap roles throughout their set, each member never far from a microphone. There is love onstage – for each other, for their music, and for the audience.

Not only does the talented group have their own songs, which you can find on their bandcamp page, but they also put together interesting covers of familiar songs that can appeal to a wide audience. Local favorites, they are worth a listen at 9:30pm.



from website

Good Graeff (according to their Facebook page): Twins Brooke and Brittany Graeff first formed the indie pop folk duo Good Graeff in 2004 in Florida – when they were just 16 years old. In high school, Brooke started writing music, and Good Graeff was unleashed. Then Brooke fled the United States for Canada – where she learned the art of foley, and Brittany went to the University of Central Florida to study marketing and international business. The two reunited in all their musical glory in Hanoi, Vietnam where they were living in the same country for the first time in six years (thats like 12 in twin years), using mysterious twin powers and musical influences from classical to country, from indie to blues, Good Graeff’s sound is back with a vengeance!

With a sound reminiscent of Tegan and Sara, light and danceable, they sound to be a fun band. Try them out here and catch them at 11:30pm.

Next up: The GPB Main Stage at the 567 Center for Renewal


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