Bragg Jam 2014: The GPB Stage

The GPB Stage has a couple of my favorite bands and, possible new favorites. It all goes down on the main stage at The 567 Center for Renewal. Georgia Public Broadcasting writers and announcers have been nominated for awards and is partly responsible for the renewed interest in engaging and informative news in the Middle Georgia area. But yes, their stage will rock your socks off!


photo courtesy of band facebook

The Apache Relay – Featuring mainly chill music, this band will get the night started on the main stage. You might recognize them from songs like “Can’t Wake Up” off of the album American Nomad. They’ve opened for Mumford and Suns and played at every festival you’ve always wanted to attend.  They go on at 6:15 at one of the only All Ages stages, an excellent band to grove to before going completely Bragg Jam crazy.

You can listen to their music here, although catching them on Spotify would be just as easy. You can find out more about the band here.



photo courtesy of band Facebook

Bombadil – The band spent most of 2012 touring and recording the songs that became Metrics of Affection. The album is their most melodic and adventurous outing yet, a cornucopia of styles marked by mischievously surrealistic lyrics and their familiar lush harmonies. Their inventive arrangements add funk, country, boogie woogie, rap, early rock, and hints of classic pop songwriting, circa 1940, to their already eclectic sound (from Facebook page).

If you like interesting music that can go in any direction, if you like pianos, and if you like escalators, then Bombadil is a must see. Listen to their music here and catch them live at 8:15pm.


Kopecky Family Band – My family growing up was hard, so I’m very particular about the people I have around me because they have become my family. The Kopecky Family Band feel the same, which may be one of the reason why I always add them to my schedule every year. From their Facebook page: “Family” is a word that encompasses a variety of definitions. With that in mind, let this introduction to Kopecky Family Band be taken with an open mind and with a grain of salt. This family is connected not by blood or by heritage, but by circumstance. This is a family bound by the miles on their odometer and by the songs they have crafted over the years. These six young musicians have created a family through their commitment to each other and to their craft.

Plus, their music is effing phenomenal!

Their music will make you want to groove. If you add them to your schedule, you’ll thank me, especially if you like thoughtful lyrics, music that makes you want to get up and dance, and you want to see a talented group of musicians juggling instruments and musical styles. You can check them out ahead of the big event by going here and they take the Main Stage at 10:15pm.


Those Darlins – Must be heard. They perform at 12:15am.


Up Next: The Middle Georgia State College Stage at The Hummingbird Stage and Taproom


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