Another WTF? Weekend: Soapbox and Bearstock and Brunch, Oh My!


Let me get serious here. I know you’re used to things being a certain way when it comes to events in Macon. All of these events have those certain elements. Maconites don’t do things until the last minute so those of us who are planners get stuck trying to make it all work out so that you can enjoy events. Also, there are some things that come with their own controversy – who didn’t get recognized for helping whom, who has to forfeit their registration fee because they didn’t read the rules, who has to do all the work while someone else takes the credit, etc. etc.

But Y’all… these events are HAPPENING.

This weekend has marathon written all over it. And if you try to do. all. the. things., Sunday night won’t know what hit it.



2014 Sundown Screen Series: Back to the Future at Luther Williams Field

You can watch a movie in Luther Williams Field. This Friday’s movie is Back to the Future. I don’t want to give out any spoilers, but it has sequels. And I’ll bet you will enjoy seeing all 1.21 gigawatts of power on the big, inflatable screen at sundown. Bring your blankets and your picnic baskets. This will be an ongoing series. To see what other movies are on the horizon go here. Free Admission

Four Broke Guys at the Douglass Theatre

One guy, J. Shawn Durham, plays 4 guys as they try to stage a “revolution” from the expectation of the women in their lives and try to forge a new understanding out of their frustrations in “the game” that men and women play. All original work from a Macon native, you can find out more here. $15 in advance by ordering online at the Douglas Theatre or $20 at the show.

Gimme Hendrix and Squirrely at Roasted Macon

Take one Jimi Hendrix Experience tribute band, add a little bit of solid gold tunes, and just a dash of all the things that make us love Roasted Macon and you get just your typical Roasted Friday night with Gimme Hendrix and Squirrely Live at Roasted. Free Admission.



Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby at Magnolia Street and Washington Park

Cars! Music! Food Trucks!  For the last few years, the folks of InTown have let home built cars careen wildly down the super steep top of Magnolia Street and this year we’re at it again. 23 cars will vie for the number one spots in the Shade Tree or Professional division as well as trying out for Best in Show while Mac the Cheese, Foodapalooza, Westside Creamery, and Fruity Ices sit on Orange Street waiting to serve you tasty, tasty treats. Adult beverages provided by the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom will also be on Orange Street. Music provided by DJ Shawty Slim and sunDollars with pre show performances from Hayiya Dance Theatre and Streetline Drumline, who will kick off the start of the Derby. A big wheel race for the kiddies and awards after the event, the Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby will run from 11am – 3pm. Free Admission

Bearstock  at Tattnall Square Park

Put on by Mercer University’s Quadworks, this year’s musical day where Krewella, winner of the International Dance Music Awards “Best Breakthrough Artist,” will headline the event. There is a big EDM audience in middle Georgia and Atlanta. I hope they got the memo about this free event. Other artist performing include Logic, a hip-hop artist from Gaithersburg, Maryland currently signed to Visionary Music Group and Def Jam Records,  Baby Baby, Dean Brown and Dubshak, and Dirty Sound Professors. Click here to see the full lineup. Free Admission

Bootz and Katz w/Andy Bruh  at the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom

After playing Bearstock, this hard working young band will head to the Hummingbird, which is playing host to the Soapbox Derby After Party. Bootz and Katz is a blend of heavy bass, rock-guitar leads, and high octane synthesizers that blurs the lines between genres. Andy Bruh is an up-and-coming DJ/Producer and founder of the Crush Team. He has shared the stage with some of the most talented musicians in the game, including Paper Diamond, Terravita, Robotic Pirate Monkey, Archnemesis, Prophet Massive, Up Until Now, and SoundDuo. Every set tells a different story, but any time Andy Bruh takes the stage its guaranteed to be crunk. $5 admission



Second Sunday in Macon at Washington Park

Seven Handle Circus brings their incredible blend of bluegrass and rock to Washington Park for Second Sunday. If you got to see them this past week at the Cox Capital Theatre with Mountain Heart, then you will doubly enjoy them out in the sunshine. All Second Sunday shows remain free and open to the public so bring your friends, blankets, and lawn chairs. Pack a picnic or purchase food and drinks on site and enjoy live music and community at its finest. No tents or grills please. Free Event



Middle Georgia band Back City Woods was named the Band of the Year for the Braves, which is a huge honor! They will be playing at Turner Field this Saturday so if you’re going the Braves route and won’t be checking out the things going down in Macon this Saturday, then enjoy a little Macon with your baseball!

Macon Love Rugby hosts Columbus in Central City Park (go all the way to the back shaded areas behind all of the baseball fields). If you have not seen a rugby game in action, you should definitely check it out. And if you follow them to the Hummingbird afterwards, just remember to keep a hand over your glass and watch out for golf balls. Games usually start around noon.

Galadrielle Allman will be sharing stories and signing her newly penned book about her father at the Big House Museum at 4pm.

The Holy Week Pilgrimage for Immigrants is not a protest – it is a statewide an act of faith, solidarity, and hospitality; it is a prayer with feet. The faith communities and nation will search for ways that favor a spirit of solidarity with and justice for immigrants.  It is a four mile route starting at Centenary, going up to Rosa Parks Square, over to St. Peter Claver, down to Central High School, turning right and going back to Centenary. The walk will take approximately 3-4 hours. There will be a children’s route from Centenary to Rosa Parks Square. From 4pm – 8pm

I mean, seriously. WTF?

But don’t you love that there’s so much to do? And it all ends in time to watch Game of Thrones and Cosmos!


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