Snacking on Macon Film Fest

I love it when I’m taking part in something (which I’ve always considered “snacking” in my head) AND I will also be eating things.

I love eating things.

First, the film snackage… I was fortunate enough to get a pass (and you can get an all access pass for $100, which is well worth it for the films you’ll get to see over 4 days and the food you’ll get to eat in that time as well) so that I can experience all that the Macon Film Fest has to offer. Up until this year I have either been fortunate enough to have a job that allowed me to take part in the film festival Thursday – Sunday (or no job – and while that part is not “fortunate,” I did get to spend all 4 days film hopping at the various venues). This year I have to work and nothing hurts more than missing films because they only play on Thursday when you’re working and another day when you won’t be able to make it. Bourbon will heal my wounds, though.

So my first foray into the Macon Film Festival today will be Muscle Shoals. If you’re familiar with the music that Macon is known for, you’ve heard the city before. For our birthday trip, my friend AR and I were going to drive around Alabama and I wanted our trip to include Muscle Shoals. Unfortunately I got sick, then lost my job so the trip never came to fruition, but the legacy of Muscle Shoals impacts us today. In a biopic on Tom Dowd, the sound engineer famous for being a part of the Manhattan Project and instituting multi-track recording, he included Macon along with Muscle Shoals as part of the 5 Ms of cities he visited and recorded often. Macon is credited with comign up with Southern Rock, but Muscle Shoals had that special sound that we recognize when we hear it, even if we don’t know it. I’m really excited to watch the movie tonight and I look forward to standing in line with the rest of you for prime seating when it plays!

As far as what movies to see, I didn’t screen any this year. The last few years I was fortunate enough to be invited to the screening process, which I loved. This year, my responsibilities kept me busy, but I hope to do it again next year now that I have a better handle on my new responsibilities. That being said, here is a neat article by Reel Georgia that states the films you should definitely keep an eye out for! Read it and enjoy!

So, you want to know about the after-parties, right?

magatiniRule No. 1 – Never drink the magatinis. This year they’re supposed to have a new recipe that will make them better, but when you consider that most of us are regular drinkers (read: not alcoholics) and I wouldn’t even touch it, you have to second guess. I take a sip of one (A SIP!!!!) as a reminder, but every year I see someone flat on their ass because of the Magatini. It’s commendable that it is usually not one of us, but if you don’t know what you’re doing in the drinking department, the last place you want to stretch your wings on is the magatini. I love the festival, I am always cautious of the magatini.

Rule No. 2 – Meet people. Even if you are not a filmmaker, writer, director, or celebrity, you have something to share. Filmmakers will want to visit all the pretty places of Macon. They will hear about the movies that filmed here and they will want to bring their independent production here. The more you can tell them, the more they can feel like they relate to the city, the better. And you have stories to tell and maybe your story will be the push a film creative will need to consider Macon their next filming home.

This year will be the year of the food. I know there has been some catering before, but this is the first year that I’ve heard the catering and thought, “I’m sooo glad I have an all access pass!” Downtown Grill on Thursday and Saralyn Collins of Good to Go Catering on Friday and Saturday are both worth the price of admission alone.

Each year the festival gets better and better yet still so many people have not heard about it. This ain’t Fight Club. If you know about the festival, talk about the festival! Like the links to the festival on Facebook, retweet the festival on Twitter so that more people see it. And I hope to see you there!


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