Are You Effing Kidding Me??? Ode to Musical Joy on a Friday Night

Okay, this is not an ode. I’m pretty sure I would fail at writing an ode to musical joy on a Friday night, but if you want to, please let me know!

What I am excited about, in the same way I get excited about Girl Scout Cookie time or the sound that Skype makes when I’m looking for the call or the smell of old books sitting on a shelf waiting to be chosen, is all the music that is about to go down tonight!

The Law Band w/Packway Handle & Back City Woods @Cox Capitol Theatre – First of all, the Cox Capitol Theatre has the earliest start time: 8pm. But in exchange for having to be out that early bcwfrontpic(and I know you Macon, you don’t want to move from your couch or get into the shower before 10pm at the earliest) you get to hear some of the best local music this side of the Macon Dixon line… well, at least from a group out of Cochran 😉 I’m just kidding, but I’m not joking about how good Back City Woods is! Check them out here: Back City Woods – Around the Bend. Not only will you get an absolute foot stomp of a good time from a band that takes themselves just seriously enough to create good music but not too serious to neglect having fun but you will also get to hear one of my favorite semi-local bands to watch perform, Packway Handle Band.

packwayhandleWhat, pray tell, is a Packway Handle? Well, I will let you find out for yourself because the beauty of a Packway Handle Band show is not only how great the music is but also the “show” the fellas put on. The dance around the room and, in one song, corner the audience members brave enough to stand in their way with their instruments. And the guys are down to earth and will speak at length on various topics like science, tensile string strength, and whiskey. Though I joke, I enjoy Packway Handle Band on and off the stage. Check them out here: The Packway Handle Band – What Are We Gonna Do Now? I haven’t heard the Law Band, but I hear good things about them. Truth be told, I’ve been extremely impressed by the acts I’ve seen brought to the Cox Capitol Theatre, so I’d hazard a guess that you won’t be disappointed. You can hear The Law Band here: The Law Band – Dust and Aether

So my night starts early with BCW and Packway, but then I’m moving on over to Roasted Cafe for one of my favorite groups to visit Macon. About 4 concerts ago, I listened to Everett Verner and decided to check out a band I’d never heard before, England in 1819. Everett put up a video which was a little confusing and esoteric, so I had no idea what to expect. Combine that with Everett’s description of their music as “sad bastard” and I wasn’t sure if I was going to like them or throw my 2 dollar beer at them. In the end, I loved them. So did the rest of the people who found themselves there that night. Add to that the fact that they ended up couchsurfing with me and I got to know a trio that was very fun, thoughtful, and talented. I hosted them three more times before the brothers, Andrew and Dan Calloway decided to go on their own. Each time I hear them, they get better and better.


If you have to get out later than 8, you need to be at Roasted for this show. Check them out here, but know that when you hear them live, they sugarviruswill be even better: England In 1819 – Fireball Electric Tomorrow. They will be playing with Anna Mae Kersey and One Horse Parade. Anna Mae Kersey joins us after an extended performing absence and One Horse Parade with an new, and I think interesting, lineup. If this goes the way I think it will, One Horse Parade will add one more notch in the running for my favorite local band.

Still with me? We’re continuing the WTF This Weekend tradition, apparently, with WTF Friday. Because their is yet ANOTHER group of locals playing that is worth checking out. Floco Torres of Cherry Street fame (why aren’t you famous yet? Nobody cares news at 2pm)  and Sugar Virus will be sharing Grant’s Lounge (somehow) so you’re going to run into everything from horror punk to hip hop. This will be Sugar Virus’ 22 year anniversary. I went to the 20th anniversary and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I’m a little too old to mosh now, but I’m not too old to rock out! Both groups will have others joining them including Billie Slum and Goodie Supreme among others. Sugar Virus will be joined by Creep List, SeVer, The Riggs Punk, Taped Fist, and  X-Ray Vision.

Of course there’s more. All the Locals at the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom, music at Crazy Bull DJs at Asylum, Element, The Wall, Fowl Play… I’m definitely forgetting somewhere and I’m certainly not including the places outside of downtown that carry on the Macon, Georgia music tradition every weekend! So enjoy your “What the Eff!” Friday and I hope to see you out and about!


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