Snacking on Readers Choice Nominations

It’s that time… Readers’ Choice Nominations! Go here to give your nominations!

So many people and businesses to nominate.

So many friends who do the same. damn. thing!

Well, I’m not going to make it easy for you, but maybe I’ll remind you of the people you can nominate.

Best New Business

You have a good choice of selection for this: Love Jones Couture, The Gentry, The Crazy Bull, The Wall, Fresh Produce Records, Command Zone Games, Dysfunctional Tees and Things, The Embellished Wedding, Le’Face, Pink Chief, Posh Clothing Boutique, TailsSpin, Pure Balance Yoga, and many more. These are just the places that have opened downtown.

Favorite Local Hero

Who is doing something that makes the community better, is a crusader, and is also an all around nice person. There are many people who should be recognized. Chris Horne (despite leaving town, is still working to help Macon be great), Heather Bowman Cutway, Andrew Silver, Yolanda Latimore, Alex Morrison, Heatherly Wakefield, Stacy Harwell, Jonathan Dye, Koryn Young, Mechel McKinley, Chris Floore… The list could go on, depending on what is important to you locally. Even Anthony Harris AKA Ant is a local hero to some.

Favorite Local Celebrity

I’m going to vote for the wall at Roasted. Gone but not forgotten. For the rest of you, you have the likes of Mark Ballard, Michael Felton, Chase Ambrose, Terrell Sandefur… take your pick or add more!

Macon’s Best DJ

DJ Shawty Slim, DJ KD, DJ Fubu … please add a DJ to the comments if you think they should be considered, but please don’t pick the name of someone who uses other people’s mixes as if they are his own and walks around like some kind of DJ Push Play.

Favorite Local Blogger

Bungalow Kitchen, Suck It, Martha, Make It Work, Molly, Snacking on Macon (you’re reading it!), Roger Riddle’s Earshot – add other blogs if you know someone who deserves to be recognized. (Although the Suck It, Martha’s writer, Anna Ruth, no longer lives in Macon, she is from Macon and also uses current Maconites for posts – plus her blog is really rad!)

Favorite Person to Follow on Twitter

Roger RiddleFloco TorresShawty SlimChris HorneMolly WilkinsAngel Collins, Meg Donahue, Lauren Morrill, Chris Floore – Who do you follow?


Maryann Bates, Robin Gatti, Matt Odom, Mary & Gary Ames, – know anyone else, let me know!


Eric O’Dell, Craig Burkhalter, Craig Hamilton, Heatherly Wakefield, Heidi Clinite, Thomas Sanders, Jason Frost, (shit, there are so many, please remember to vote for your favorites)

Best Place to See an Art Exhibit

Macon Arts, The 567 Center for Renewal, Contemporary Arts Exchange, Ocmulgee Arts


There are so many categories, so many options for nomination! Go forth and nominate!


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