Snacking on Lunch Beat Macon


Lunch Beat Macon

Place: 567 Center for Renewal

Time: 12pm – 1pm

Cost: Free ($5 meals provided by Doughboy Pizza and Roly-Poly)

Dance. Dance I say!

Thursday afternoon, from noon – 1pm, there is an opportunity to check out a new experiment. Using music and dancing to connect to people you might never meet regularly. For those of us who find ourselves out late at night, whether it’s Roasted Cafe, The Rookery, or The Wall, we’ve found ourselves in the company of DJ Shawty Slim, tour DJ for B.o.B., as he finds ways to make us all, young and old, black and white, find our own rhythm on the dance floor. With eclectic tastes, from ratchet to rock, Slim not only does a good job of picking songs, but he puts the various, unrelated songs together in a way that is surprising and delightful. In keeping with his vow to find “his crowd,” those willing to get out on the floor and dance, he will be in the mix at The 567 Center for Renewal Thursday at noon to get the party started right.


So if you normally go work out at lunch, or walk around downtown to keep in shape, then you should come to Lunch Beat Macon instead. Check it out. Meet new people. I guarantee you, whether there are 5 people or 100 people, you will meet others interested in helping shape downtown Macon. You might meet writers, visual artists, people who are just straight up eclectic, or young professionals who are interested in the new and unusual. You will meet people who are not a part of the status quo, people who are willing to do what it takes for this city. You will meet people with opinions and actionable thoughts, maybe the person you’ve needed to meet for a long time, someone who would help you with your crazy idea. And you know why they would help you? Because they are dancing their lunch break away just like you are.

So I hope to meet some new people this Thursday. But if I don’t, I’ll be glad to be in the presence of other like-minded individuals, like Floco Torres and DJ Shawty Slim, who are just crazy enough to take on new projects and try to make them work. We need people who are not afraid to dance in front of people, because it may be our egos, our fears, and trying to fit in with other people that may be holding us back from doing some very big things.

So dance. Dance I say!


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