Whatcha Eatin’? Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby Edition

The Magnolia Street Soapbox Derby has grown in the last 5 years. I remember the first year. Only a few cars, a block party afterwards where we served food on our porches and in front of our houses. People walked around aimlessly trying the fare on the street and we all had a lot of fun.

My, how things have changed. This year we have four, count ’em, four awesome food trucks and I want to eat from every last one of them!

Nana G’s Chik-n-Waffles


I am so excited about this truck. From the moment Saralyn started having chicken and waffle breakfasts, I’ve wanted a steady supply of them. Chicken perfectly cooked and crispy, crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside waffles. A little bit of syrup, a little bit of hot sauce. It’s probably one of the most perfect savory sweet concoctions to be thought up. So beautiful in its simplicity. I can’t wait to try Nana G’s Chik-n-Waffles.


Mac the Cheese


The first time that I heard about a mac and cheese truck, it was on Food Network and a sitcom. Both was about a lobster mac and cheese. While, as a southern woman, I enjoy a good original mac and cheese, as a lover of food, I’m all about the experimentation. Lobster mac and cheese. Doesn’t that sound divine? While they don’t have a lobster mac and cheese on their menu, I’m excited to try the offering from Mac the Cheese. My taste buds have honed in on the Buffalo chicken mac and cheese and I can’t wait!


Champion Cheesesteak


A few years ago, I got to visit the City of Brotherly Love. Philadelphia was a lot of fun, although a little less so with no car. Not in the budget. But I told myself if I ever made it to Philly, I would visit the competing cheesesteak restaurants Geno’s and Pat’s. They were located a little over 3 miles from my hotel, which I thought I could walk easily. I wasn’t right, but it wasn’t a hard walk either. I got to see some of the beautiful architecture of the city and when I finally made it to the spot, I was pretty damn hungry. They pretty much tasted the same and I enjoyed the freshly made bread. I ate half of each, didn’t have to wait in line or order my sandwich like I was a machine. I got it with whiz, even though I love an aged provolone. I’m very excited about Champion Cheesesteak because there’s nothing better than tender steak, onions, and peppers drowned in cheese in a soft and crusty bread. Their menu is here.

Tex’s Tacos


We have some really good Mexican food in Macon. I’m still hungry for the tongue tacos at El Carnivale. I love tacos. It’s not even a guilty pleasure. Once upon a time, I would have taco night. I’d change the tv to Music Choice, listen to some pop Latino, brown some ground beef, shred some lettuce, grate some cheese, refry some beans, dance around… you know, just your typical taco night. I’ve got my eye on the pork al pastor quesadilla and lime fries. Feast your eyes upon their menu here.

Which food truck are you the most interested in trying?


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