Duck, Duck, Duck, Duck, Derby (and Music)


I’m very excited about this weekend.


If you don’t share my excitement, it’s because you don’t know what’s going on. And even if I don’t see you out for these three big events this weekend, here are a few things you could check out as well.

The Hummingbird has Have Gun Will Travel with Radiolucent in a free show on Thursday (free and $8 Bottomless Mug night), The Neal Lucas Band on Friday, with Funk You’s EP Release Show on Saturday ($5). All show start around 10pm.

Elsewhere on Friday, you can catch Louise Warren at the Cavern,  Fired Works Preview Party (as well as Fired Works all weekend long) at the Round Building in Central City Park, Caroline Aiken at the 567 Center for Renewal, and Copper Into Steel at Roasted Cafe.

But Saturday and Sunday… yeah, that’s when the fun begins.

I’m not saying these other events aren’t “the fun”. I particularly love going to Fired Works. Strange, useful, and strangely useful pottery seems to burst from the Round Building at Central City Park and choice pieces will be gone before you know it. No, this event is just as worthy and just as fun, but my excitement hackles don’t get up for it like it does for Bearstock, The Soap Box Derby, and the Return of Second Sunday in the Park!

Bear Stock at Tattnall Square Park

As someone straddling the line between youth and middle age, I think that Bearstock does it right. It only has one customer base, really. It is catering to the students at Mercer University. The community is just invited along for the ride. It has a built in audience for the local bands, but what makes it really work is that it picks the right closing bands, the right headliners, for their demographic. And somehow, I fit right in their demographic, so even when I’m many, many years past my college days, it will still be many, many years before I don’t like the music they’ve chosen. Makes me wish that Cherry Blossom Festival, catering to the older generation, would add some nostalgic bands to the lineup that would be for their true demographic while inviting us youngsters along for the ride. I’m tired of supporting things just so they get supported. Below, you’ll find the Bearstock lineup. It’s not for everyone, but there’s music there for anyone.


Headliners The Ready Set, Travis Porter, and Switchfoot bring their own air of excitement and nostalgia. I used to get behind some Switchfoot, but that was a long time ago. I was a big fan of Dare You To Move from Learning To Breathe. Travis Porter, out of Atlanta, will get the crowd moving, even if they’re not my particular brand of fun. If I’m still there and not downtown, I’ll definitely be dancing. The thing I like about this lineup is that it is encouraging multigenerational fans and fans of different ethnicities to get down together. Hip hop fans will catch the end of Stevens Layne, a phenomenal country music group. So will Electric Sons fans, unless they check out local band JuBee and the Morning After.

Magnolia Street Soap Box Derby

The Soap Box Derby is in it’s 5th year and gets more exciting every year. Returning are co-hosts Chris Tsavatewa and Miles Williams with DJ Shawty Slim taking a break from B.o.B.’s busy tour schedule to DJ for the Derby. As the trial runs are going on, we will get to listen to the foot stomping stylings of Sterling Waite and the Cotton Avenue Hustlers doing everything from bluegrass to 50s inspired rock ‘n roll. If the Derby has reached their limit, there will be 40 cars competing. Opening the show will be Streetline, a group of high school and college aged drummers who will have you marching in time with them. Oh, and there will be food and beer trucks making the time from 12 – 5pm fly. But wait, you don’t want to leave your blanket because as soon as the Soap Box Derby is done, Second Sunday will begin.


Second Sunday at Washington Park

The very first Second Sunday in the Park will take place from 6pm – 9pm in Washington Square Park. Yacht Rock Schooner will get your feet moving! If you have a Hall and Oates station on Pandora, you know what to expect and you know you’ll like it. This is probably my favorite event of the summer and for 2013, all of the concerts will be in the evening. So you can go to church and out to eat afterwards, take a nap, and then head down. And if you aren’t into church, you can sleep late, do brunch, sit on porches for some day drinking, and then walk down to Washington Park.



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