Snacking on Day 2 of the Film Festival

The second day of the Macon Film Festival had me stealing a baby to come write with me at Roasted.

Well, technically, I didn’t steal him, but I did take him with me for the morning. Since he didn’t like to sit still, I didn’t take him to any of the film festival. Also, I wasn’t sure what I would see. Some of the films that seemed like they wouldn’t be a problem would have surprising things for impressionable eyes. I just didn’t want to have to explain some of those things to a baby, is all. How did the day go?

The first selection I was able to see was the Narrative Shorts Block – Wild Card Dramas. Well, I say that because I made it to the block, but I missed Jeff Shipman‘s “Red” and caught the bare end of Anthony Harris‘ “Nick Chopper and the 40 Wolves”. The rest of the movies in the block are strong. My favorites being Too Late Now and  Stand Up or Shut Up. Too Late Now was done by Kelly Young-Silverman and Stand Up or Shut Up was done by David Marshall Silverman. If you notice their last names are the same, it is because they are the husband and wife duo behind Atlanta based Both movies were excellent, but I reiterate, it was a very strong block of films. You can catch this block again Sunday at 4pm at the Douglass Theatre.

I realize my night is going to get complicated because I desperately want to catch Sterling Waites at Grant’s Lounge and I also want to eat some smoked pig, smoke a cigar and imbibe on a good whiskey at the Rookery. Do I watch The Grove, or do I eat, drink, and be merry.

I decided to eat, drink, and be merry. All through the Wild Card Dramas block, I could smell the pork smoking. It lingered in my nose even as I had a few happy hour drinks at the Bird. I convinced a group to come eat and smoke with me, and they did. I have not laughed nearly so much or enjoyed the company of my friends so much as in these last few months. The food was great. Greens, spicy beans, and deliciously smoky pork. Lashes and Moustashes, an airstream cigar lounge, idled on the street in front of the Rookery. The staff and cigars were fantastic. They knew their cigars, and they had some great mid-level smokes. If this was offered again, I would definitely find my way there. Prices were great and Justin at the Rookery was a fantastic whiskey host, giving us great suggestions for the whiskey we’d want to drink based on a description of our cigar.

Once we’d drawn our last bit of smoke, we walked ourselves down to Grant’s Lounge to check out the end of Sterling Waite and the Cotton Avenue Hustlers’ set. We stomped our feet as guitar, banjo, upright base, and fiddle all danced in tune to each other. It was a lovely day full of the types of things I love seeing going on in Macon. Movies, visitors enjoying what downtown Macon has to offer, and good friends talking and laughing together. Here’s to more of this on Day 3 and here’s to making new friends!


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