Snacking on Day 1 of the Macon Film Festival


My first day of the Macon Film Festival started, for me, with a board meeting. I was interested, invested… but I could feel my psyche tapping its fingers, waiting for the hour to pass swiftly.

I was hosting one of the filmmakers, couchsurfing with me so he could enjoy the full weekend of movie festivities. I’m relieved that I enjoyed his film, a documentary about a whistling competition in which he competed called Skipping School to Whistle. There are a few I have found a bit tedious to watch, some I couldn’t even understand. After one movie, I was just going to admit to my stupidity and ask the filmmaker to tell me what his film was about, but if you’ve ever been to the Film Festival, you know that this weekend isn’t just about the movies.

This weekend, we meet people who converge upon Macon, who can discover its charm, can see it in a way many can not. We meet people who are creative, who look at people, at the world, a little differently. We meet people who are invested in the creative world and they are all together with those of us who see the same way, watching movies, talking outside of the venues, eating with strangers as if they were longtime friends.

After the first two blocks, a delicious lunch at the Rookery, Ien and I talked about the nature of creativity, how being in the “now” enhanced creativity, and how thinking about the past or focusing on the future could be detrimental to your art. It is a conversation that deserves a broader audience, but it was a pleasure that it manifested today.

The last entry before I went to watch the Buddy Holly Story, from the Director who also did Can’t Buy Me Love (a particular growing up favorite) was Hated. It was pretty much one of my favorite viewings of the night. If you get to see the Documentary Shorts, you will like them. The Music Videos were good as well, in particular Arrested Development’s Living.

The After -Parties

Never drink the magatinis. It is a little known fact. No one ever listens when I say it and the next morning, the regret is drawn with a heavy hand across their face, in the pinched frown that surrounds them through another day of film watching. Nonetheless, it is fun to hear people saying, “Step Away from the  Magatini” cause they know!

But the party is good because everyone gathers and lets their hair down. They talk about their films, make a connection with other filmmakers, and make connections with writers and actors in this community. It is gratifying, after a weekend of film festivaling, to see some of these directors returning again and again to Macon. The party at Kashmir was tight, but the bartenders made the time go quickly. If you can have a drink or two at this establishment, you’ll be in good company.

I’m really excited to see what Day 2 has to offer. I hope I see you out and about!


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