Sippin’ on Grant’s Lounge


For half a day, I was mayor of Grant’s Lounge on Foursquare.

Foursquare has this feature that let’s you know how often you’ve been somewhere. So when it told me that I’d been to Grant’s Lounge three days in a row (shut the frak up, Foursquare!), I marveled at how quickly Grant’s had become a hang out place.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love my other places to imbibe, but the old/new dive bar was drawing my attention. First of all, one of my best friend’s husband was running the place, and the woman who asked me to be her maid of honor was making drinks behind the bar. It was a more than ideal situation.


Not only did I get the drinks I asked for, but I was able to be the taste-tester for many of the drinks that will become specials in the weeks to come. My favorite is still the modified Desert Healer, but the Dirty Puerto Rican ain’t bad either. The bar is working on adding beers they know the people downtown like. For example, right now they don’t have Yuengling, which is the next up beer when you’re tired of gulching down PBR. It’d also be nice if they started carrying Newcastle. But what they lack in familiarity, they make up for in drink experimentation. And the drinks are oh so good. Try their mojito or margarita or ask Kim to make you something good. You’ll be satisfied.

Grant’s has also started a blog that will give you a clue into the drinks they make and the history of Grant’s Lounge. Did you know that historically, Grant’s has had the longest Happy Hour in Macon? They’re keeping that tradition alive by opening at 3pm.

Hip Hop Night

So last week, I was waiting for a friend at Grant’s before heading to Billy’s to hear Stereomonster, that awesome band out of Columbus, Georgia. The bar was getting ready for “hip hop night”, the one mainstay of Grant’s Lounge before the family decided that it wanted in on what was happening in downtown Macon. Mr. Ed Grant, Jr., who runs the bar with his sister, told me that with consolidation happening, he thought that now was the time to bring the bar back to its former glory, just like his dad would have wanted, to see it carrying on its tradition for a new, improving audience.

Thank goodness for consolidation.

Anyway, I was there well past happy hour waiting to be picked up and taken to Billy’s Clubhouse while hip hop night was getting started. We watched a bartender throwing alcohol and mixers in large batches into a container. “What are you making?” “Margaritas” And they were amazing. He gave us a trial sip and apparently liked our compliments so much he gave us one on the house. I almost regret that we’d planned on leaving. I’ve never been on hip hop night, so it will be interesting to check it out next Thursday.

Live Music

Chris Bartlett was the first “band” I saw at Grant’s, his solo act playing before a whopping crowd of 10 at 8pm. The crowd grew as the night went on, of course. Punctuality is not our speciality. He sounded so good and I loved his rendition of You’re Beautiful. If you haven’t heard it, you should have been there. It was amazing, in more ways than you’ll ever know. That’s what I like about Grants and music. It’s comfortable and I feel like the artist can fully relax. I’m looking forward to Nathan Garrett tonight.

Sunday Brunch

Despite being a little chaotic, I’m pretty sure I had the best fried chicken not made by my family in a long time. The concept of Chicken and Waffles was a good one and Saralyn Collins and the Good To Go catering staff made it a great experience. I just wanted to finish mine before the game started. While it would have been nice to have chicken and waffles for a few weeks, I’m glad the menu is going to change weekly. Sunday’s menu will include baked chicken, sausage jambalaya, and black eyed peas. For just $10 with drink specials and the Falcons playing for the NFC championship, with consolation or celebratory shots at arm’s length, I hope I see you there!


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One response to “Sippin’ on Grant’s Lounge”

  1. Ed Grant says :

    Very well done.
    I’m so happy to see you’ve discovered the
    Uniqueness and Diversity of Grant’s Lounge.
    Thanks to a wonderful A TEAM

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