Snacking on New Year’s Eve

Reserved table

I’ve already written a post about things to do on New Year’s Eve. There is a cornucopia of things to do just in downtown, much less what may be happening all over the city. I will find myself in and around downtown Macon, mainly so I can walk home, avoiding drunken idiot drivers, avoid being a drunken idiot driver, as well as avoiding cops thinking I’m a drunken idiot driver. But the festivities start later in the evening. What’s a person to do before the music starts?



If you know me, you knew that’s where I was going. If you don’t know how much I love to eat, you haven’t had a conversation with me. You should. One of the things I like about the restaurants downtown is that most of them have a special New Year’s Eve dinner. It’s prix fixe, it’s by reservation only, and it’s usually the restaurant flexing their cooking muscle. So my question to you is, where should I eat on New Year’s Eve?

Dovetail, the new upscale restaurant that is part of the Moonhanger Group (which also owns the Rookery), has put together their New Year’s Eve menu. You can find it here. Though it is a whopping $85 and only includes one glass of champagne, not only could I find myself drowning in seafood choices, but I would be so excited to taste Ashley Dunn’s smoked sea salted creme caramel that this could be my destination of choice.

For the Lemongrass fans, this New Year’s Eve, for $50 (not including tax and gratuity), you get your choice of a Thai inspired prix fixe menu or one that is not Thai. Here is the non Thai menu. The Thai menu includes a red snapper curry, a thai spiced filet mignon, and Pad Thai Koong Ho Kai. I love their fried ice cream and the prospect of eating thai fried ice cream balls (one of two desserts on the Thai menu) makes me want to stop by for those at the end of the night. The good thing about this one is that you can also make reservations for Sunday as well.

Tic Toc Room‘s menu, found here, looks amazing as well. I want the lobster bisque, but I would have a fight within myself over whether I wanted the Jumbo Lump crab cake with broiled lobster tail or the center cut beef tenderloin over lobster because of the black truffle hollandaise. Expect to pay around $60 for the experience.

Even Downtown Grill is getting in on the New Year’s Eve noshing by having holiday specials. Don’t forget to give them a notice when you’re trying to decide where you want to eat.

So my question to you is where should I eat? Leave your suggestions in the comments section. I’ll go to the place you suggest and give you an up close and personal look at what we all hope is some really great cuisine.


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3 responses to “Snacking on New Year’s Eve”

  1. captain anna says :

    Personally I’d vote for Chef Doug’s (Dovetail) muscle flexing. It’s never been a bad flex.

  2. captain anna says :

    Though I’ll be spending NYE flexing my own kitchen muscles. Maybe quesadillas?

  3. Wonder Woman says :

    So far, there’s a tie. Anyone want to break it?

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