Ho Ho Holidays… Or the End of the World – You Decide!

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There’s a lot going on this year. For some, 2012 has been awesome. Not for me though. I won’t let it stop me from helping you get your holiday party on… I mean, celebrating this auspicious time of year. So, whether you’re going out with the end of the world or taking the risk that we get to make it to 2013, here are a few things to spur these last three weeks on.

The End of the World

Some people I know fear we will not make it to Christmas this year. I believe they are picturing world wide chaos, people going batshit crazy, and hiding out in libraries. I’m not sure. I tuned out after someone actually believed the world was ending on Friday.

But the denizens of Macon have decided to make the end of the world fun. All parties and music and alcohol and shiny things.

While not technically an “end of the world” party, Subversive Intentions/Jack & Yoda/Sewermouth/Trendlenberg‘s clangtastic gathering of noise and ambient tones might be just what the apocalypse ordered.  At NoSpace (481 MLK), Wednesday, Dec.19. BYOB.

If you want a crazy End of the World party, try Macon Noise Presents: End of the World Party…. Just in case. This party will feature Truffelina, Jack & Yoda, Hussy Hussy, Ariaquanet, Moontrash, and Xavii. Expect some of the same kind of music as if you went to the Subversive Intentions show above.  Check out http://maconnoisepresents.bandcamp.com/ to experience their slate of musicians, then come to Roasted on Friday night and enjoy. At Roasted (442 Second Street), Friday Dec. 22. Free Admission, but donations for the bands accepted.

You could also go the traditional route and check out Shane Bridges and his band at the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend their last day on earth with the wonderful staff at the ‘Bird? If I’m going to have my last whiskey & ginger, I want Jeff to hand it to me!

On the other hand, there’s nothing I like doing more after avoiding worldwide doom than shaking a tail feather. If you’re like me, you might want to head to the Rookery for your “the world didn’t end” relief, that is, if it doesn’t end. DJ Shawty Slim and DJ Roger Riddle will spin their “No Requests…Anything Goes” dj set and the Rookery is offering drink specials that will make you glad to be alive.

And if we’re all still around on that Saturday, what better than Planet Retro‘s 80s covers and limitless excitement (and Jeff still handing you a drink) to say, “Hey! We survived the apocalypse!”

New Year’s Eve

This has become one of the most important days of this year to me because it signals the end of this godawful 2012. But as bad as it has been, the last day makes up for it with all of the activities going on. I mean, on what other day can you party-hearty, watch a cherry blossom ball drop and win a 10 foot beer tree? No other day, that’s what day.

The Cherry Blossom Ball Drop is nostalgic to me, mainly because of the number of times we were able to do the countdown the first year it dropped (it didn’t drop on time despite our continuous encouragment… 10… 9… 8…!). Since then, it’s gotten better and moved and now we get to experience NYE like New Yorkers – in a crowd of strangers, drunk and looking upward. This year, the Pinkest New Year’s Party on Earth happens in front of the Terminal Station at the end of Cherry Street. Kids events from 7pm -9pm, fireworks at 9pm, and then party like it’s 1999 until the Cherry Blossom ball drops at midnight.

For those of you who want their crowd of strangers to be musically inclined, you might want to find yourself at Roasted for New Year’s Eve at Roasted with MagTard, One Horse Parade and Bitch Please! Local band MagTard has been on hiatus following the birth of Vinny’s baby, but now they are back in the swing of things and ready to rock your faces off and give you a New Year’s Eve to remember!

I’ve heard rumors about what might happen at the Rookery on NYE, but no details are firm. I’ll let you know when I find out.

And for those of you who are paying your $10 for a raffle ticket and a chance to win a 10ft tall beer tree, I’m guessing I’ll find you at the Hummingbird Stage and Taproom for New Year’s Eve with Col. Bruce. You know the music will be rocking, the drinks will be rolling, and you’ll be kissing someone by the end of the night.

These aren’t all the activities going on. BJs Billiards always makes a fun New Year’s Eve destination, and there will be a ton of dance club shenanigans if you peak your head into Fowl Play, Bottom’s Up, Element, Envy, or Asylum. Where I hope you find yourself is among friends, safe, and with a designated driver or cabbie’s card, or easy walking distance from your party of choice.


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2 responses to “Ho Ho Holidays… Or the End of the World – You Decide!”

  1. Cory says :

    Thankfully, this is the last NYE without a local brewery.

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