Snacking on One Year with the Rookery

As of Bragg Jam last year, I’d decided that I was never going to step foot into the Rookery again. It wasn’t just that there was bad service that day. It was the overall, “I could give a shit about your concerns” that had me making sure that I would let every single person in the whole world know how much I hated them and their food.

Of course, while I’m good at holding a grudge, I had to let my grudge towards the Rookery go. Why? Something wonderful happened.They got new owners.

I don’t know much about Chad Evans or any of the other minds and moneys behind the revamped Rookery, but I know that when I first started going there, I could have died and gone to heave over their medium rare black and bleu burgers. I wanted to try other things, yes, I did. But the first few months, I couldn’t bring myself to order anything else. It got to the point that if I came in, the waitress would order along with me and The Honey. I did eventually venture to try other things: the red velvet cupcake, the grass fed chicken strips, the chicken salad, the specialty cheese from a local farm. All of it good. I’m not saying that The Rookery doesn’t have it’s misses. This past Wednesday I got an okay black and bleu burger though I wanted the burger topped with crispy bacon that was batter dipped and fried, but the fries I ordered were limp, slimy (from the grease) and gross. My friend Clifford once walked into the Hummingbird with a burger and fries from The Rookery and the fries were so good they prompted this week’s order. And no, they were not the batter dipped fries. What a disappointment. But that’s one disappointment in about 15 visits, which makes this incarnation of the Rookery a WIN!

Tonight, they are celebrating their one year anniversary. Royal Fireworks will be playing and it can be another stop on your Downtown tour of art, food, and music. If you haven’t eaten there, now’s the time to do so. Hope to see you out and about!


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