Snacking on First Friday

There are a lot of things going on in Macon tonight and I will be down for most of them. Some people who live downtown hate First Friday, preferring to stay at home. Others believe First Friday is the only time it’s safe to come downtown. Others just know that at least on First Friday, there’s definitely something to do. Whether they follow the right people on Facebook or not, they will find something fun. Whatever you decide, I’ll be hanging on the streets and in the buildings of downtown Macon, enjoying my First Friday.

A few things I’m looking forward to:

Meat on a Stick – It’s no surprise that my first thought is food. Gary Schechterle stands outside of Lemongrass – A Thai Bistro, sweating over a grill to cook to order this wonderfully delicious, juicy beef on skewers. Also, if we’re lucky, Andrea will have created a nice libation so that you can enjoy it all on the go. If she doesn’t, just walk in and order your favourite, but don’t forget to look for the karma drinks. Purchasing one of these will get you a delicious specialty drink AND contribute to a worthy cause. Now how often do you get to do that???

Maryann Bates: Postcards to Macon – I knew Maryann way back when she was doing ceramics. I found this small little bowl with interesting, swooping edges and I wanted it, but I was cash free. Maryann was just going to give it to me, but my best friend ended up paying for it. When she switched to photography, I was a little disappointed because her pottery work was so interesting, but what I didn’t know was that her photography would by far eclipse her pottery.

If I didn’t know Maryann, I would be a little concerned with the way she thinks, which is not like the normal person. With a few “disguises” and some refurbished frames, she made going downtown and sweating it out at the Arts Exchange real fun. She set up a drop cloth, put out some frames of different sizes, glasses, hats, coaxed you to try something, anything, and proceeded to bring all the comedy, sense of fun, or beauty that you hoped would be there when the picture was printed.

This Friday, Maryann has an show at Macon Arts on 1st Street from 5-8. She’ll be showing new photos made to look like postcards from her travels. It looks like they will be weird and interesting things she saw along the way. I also heard there will be a picture of a mermaid…. I hope it’s a live one. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for those of us who have loved her work for so long, in all mediums. She will be showing her photos with Michael DeBerry, who will have his ceramic artwork on display.

The Arts Exchange – I try to make it here every First Friday, at least. I have a few friends with space up there and I love hanging out with the people that congregate. You can usually find me in the O’Dell space, though I am prone to wandering. This Friday, I will be wandering over to hear Wodige Wehali (AKA Reggie Solomon), who takes us to his American Indian roots through music. He’s not stranger to performing. He’s been the mind behind The Fellas for a while. I’ll admit, it’s not what I would normally do with my nights, but it’s definitely worth a listen. If the Tuesday Night Golden Bough crowd thinks they’re out of the mainstream, wait until they hear this music. Haunting and melodic, I can’t wait to hear it live. (The Arts Exchange is on Mulberry Street, the first door after you pass Michaels on Mulberry)

DJ Shawty Slim @ Bottom’s Up – I’ve been listening to this guy spin for a while. I’ve seen him do some pretty standard things, but I’ve also seen him hit amazing as well. I think hearing him spin at Dan & Monica’s 85th Birthday Party and seeing him keep up with Al K!ng and Floco Torres really solidified his DJ star power. While he says he’s trying to keep DJ Trent’s legend alive, he’s been making himself a legend in his own right. Though he normally DJs on Thursdays and Saturdays at Bottom’s Up, he’s making a special appearance just for First Friday. If you know me, you know I love to dance. If you love to dance, you’ll be there. (Bottom’s Up is on Cherry Street across from Greek Corner Deli)

So, what are your plans for the night? Are you staying in because you can’t stand the crowd on First Friday? Are you heading out to hear music or dance it up at the SoChi Gallery for the Electric Social (only $5 if you’re over 21)? Are you going to First Freakin Friday Dance Party at Asylum (a free event)? Whatever you’re doing, let other people know what’s going on – do it in the comments, do it in your status on Facebook, do it through texts if you want your friends to be there, but get the word out!


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