Snacking On Mellow Mushroom w/ Holy Ghost Tent Revival & MagTard

The first time I visited a Mellow Mushroom, I met a good friend for the first time, someone I’d known online for nearly 5 years. I also had my first beer with an orange in it. A few years have gone by since that moment, but the experience left a pleasant thought in my mind when it comes to the pizza establishment. A year ago, Macon got its own Mellow Mushroom. Why would any of us want to go to Mellow Mushroom in Macon?

Normally, I like locally own restaurants and businesses. Like many people, I still visit chains, but I know that locally owned places need our business more. With the great pizza this area has to offer (Ingleside Village Pizza, Jonah’s on Johnston) there is no desire for me to go to Mellow Mushroom. So why do I go?

Mellow Mushroom has a dedicated committment to playing live music from local and nearly local musicians. There are plenty of venues showcasing music, some rely on bigger names, some rely on cover bands, but only a few places allow local musicians playing original music. Mellow Mushroom has played host to Packway Handle Band from Athens, Floco Torres, MagTard, Back City Woods, Trendlenberg, and Citizen Insane, all from Macon. They have been able to showcase their unique musical talents, including rap, rock, alternative country rock with bluegrass elements, folk and indie rock music with noise elements and all of this music coexist with a great following of fans. Even through Jas Frost, booking agent for Mellow Mushroom, has had to fight for every element of this musical endeavor, he has trusted that fans of these bands will come out and that those who hear the music can become new fans.

So go out there and be fans!

A note: I live downtown because I want to be able to walk to the activities I enjoy frequently. The beer selection at the Mellow Mushroom makes it hard to find a designated driver. Staying downtown and walking for free is optimal for most of us. However, helping our favourite bands grow, succeed, and get invited to more places will give them the foothold they need to move up to larger venues, to move closer to living off of doing the thing they love – make music. Also, at the Mellow Mushroom, it doesn’t cost you more than gas to make that happen.

Today, the Mellow Mushroom celebrates 1 year in Macon with family friendly activities, drawings, and giving away free appetizers (for the free appetizer, just sing Happy Birthday to your waiter. You know you want to do it!). Go here for more information.

Later tonight, at 10pm, be prepared to be dazzled and have your face rocked off by Holy Ghost Tent Revival and MagTard. Holy Ghost Tent Revival is livecasting their show here, allowing people like me to watch from afar.  I know you guys can’t wait. I just regret I won’t be there to share it with you. Get out  and enjoy the FREE show!


3 responses to “Snacking On Mellow Mushroom w/ Holy Ghost Tent Revival & MagTard”

  1. Holly says :

    Not to mention they are the only establishment in middle Georgia to offer gluten free pizza!!!!

  2. angelcollins says :

    Serving food you can eat is very important!

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