Snacking On What You Missed: Royal Fireworks, Gringo Star, & Roly Bots

We usually walk wherever we want to go because we live downtown. After stopping by the neighbors, we were a group of four, walking and talking about the things we love. Music, food, living downtown… I would almost call it living the life. Saturday’s adventure would take us to The Cox Capitol Theatre to hear an old favourite band as well as give us a chance to maybe make some new favourites. Every concert or show gives us this opportunity and as much as I can, I like to take advantage of it. So how did our evening fare with Royal Fireworks, Gringo Star, and Roly-Bots playing for our entertainment, all for only $7?Unknown Object

Royal Fireworks started the whole thing off. They seemed like straight forward indie rock. There were a few melodies that I like, but none that stuck with me. They were much better than they were the first time I heard them, though I missed the keyboard and wonder if they would have stood out more with it. I am interested in seeing how much better they sound once they’ve gotten tighter as a group and I would love to be able to hear the words. I guess that’s the writer in me talking.

The big surprise of the night for me was Gringo Star. They rocked my socks off! Well, not necessarily the singing. They suffered the same fate as Royal Fireworks – the vocals were too low and I didn’t get to hear any of the lyrics. But the music was loud and grungy and made me feel like dancing. The band was dynamic, moving around the stage, playing it other’s instruments. It was a free for all and none of us were safe. They sounded like an indie rock band that had stolen Johnny Cash’s instruments, a sort of outlaw rock that was as familiar as it was foreign. They didn’t just stay within their comfort zone. One song sounded like outlaw rock meets 20s sock hop music. Another song was like if this outlaw rock band was asked to play lounge music. A few songs sounded like if the Beach Boys had tried to imitate Johnny Cash and failed wonderfully. Gringo Star was a lot of fun and would be worth an extra trip to see them live again.

Of course, the Band of the Hour was Roly-Bots. Those of us still hanging around were here for them. Each song started the job of building us to fever pitch. We were out, swaying at first, but with each song, more of our bodies and more of the people around us were getting into it. There were a few changes in some songs, a few more noise elements thrown into familiar songs. My favourite song is Doomsday Death Dance and by the time I get to this point, I’m moving from the tips of my hairs to the soles of my feet. I love seeing Roly-Bots play and I’m anxiously awaiting anything they record and put out.

It was a night of fun, though I expected more people to come out. The $7 price tag for three bands didn’t seem prohibitive, but then again, what do I know? Most of the people were outside because they didn’t allow smoking inside and a lot of the people who came for Gringo Star didn’t hang around for Roly-Bots. I hope the low turn out doesn’t discourage the Cox Capitol Theatre from playing shows by local acts. I know we had fun and I can hardly wait for Bragg Jam to see Roly-Bots again.


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