Snacking on Royal Fireworks, Gringo Star & Roly-Bots @ The Cox Capitol Theatre

People are really catching on to the fact that we are poor ass mofos because the show at the Cox Capitol Theatre tonight is only going to cost us $7 to get in. Of course, if you’re poorer than that, maybe your other skills can be bartered for entrance. So who’s playing tonight?

The first time I heard Royal Fireworks, I wasn’t sure what to think. It was hot and crowded with guys acting like idiots taking up most of the dance floor. But the music was infectious and eventually, I was dancing. That was the last time I heard them. Only once, only three songs, and the memory of the idiots on the dance floor blocks out any other memory of them that night.

My chance to see Gringo Star would have been when a bunch of my friends made the trek to Atlanta and the Masquerade to for Roly-Bots and Gringo Star together. I planned to go, but a last minute work schedule change kept me from going. I look forward to checking them out.

Roly-Bots, however, are a different story. I’ve been a big fan of theirs, traveling when I can, and making sure other people I know in other cities go out to see them when I can’t make the drive. Their music is wild, driving, poetic, introspective and infectious. I have so much fun listening to them and dancing to what they play. I love how much they concentrate on the music. At the show at Buffington’s in Milledgeville, a guy actually got on stage and grabbed hold of Jared Wright’s beard before he even noticed that the guy was there. Every time I hear them play, it’s like discovering them all over again. Sometimes the songs are familiar and I welcome that familiarity, but sometimes I don’t know what they are doing and that I welcome too.

If you were wondering what you should be doing tonight, I say take your $7 and head to the Cox Capitol Theatre. Show starts at 9pm. See you there!

If you like southern rock, you can check out Josh Roberts and the Hinges @ The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom. According to a close source, they are good songwriting couched in traditional alt-country music.


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