Snacking on Macon Noise, Vol. 1: A Week Long Event

I have got to hand it to Clark Bush. That guy can get excited about some music. But then again, if you come out to the shows, even occasionally, you can see why he’s so excited.

These bands are so damn good. These artists are so damn good. All of these people are working so damn hard to make sure there’s something to do here in Macon. So what’s the newest project turning our attention to local music?

Macon Noise, Vol. 1 is kicking this music thing into high gear. Tuesday night at 9pm (tomorrow, June 29th) at the Golden Bough will include music by Chu Feng,Under The GazeboAmy GodwinTrendlenberg,  along with the reunion of Ghost Train. Could it be we have to get there early on Tuesday night? I’m excited because I’ve only heard 2 out of the 5 performing bands, so it should be a good night. Bring your own drinks and some extra cash to contribute. Every little bit helps.

Macon Noise, Vol. 1 also has a Thursday night special show at the Golden Bough featuring two out of town acts and one To Be Announced act. Who Goes There, a progressive punk and rock band and Mojo Pop will be coming all the way from Pittsburgh to spread the music love and bring more attention to the “cause”, so the least we can do is show them that Macon does come out to support live music.

Finally, the event we’ve all been waiting for, what all the other Macon Noise, Vol. 1 shows have been leading up to, THE event at Grant’s Lounge has an all-star cast of Macon’s independent music scene: Citizen Insane, Xavii, Some Witches Are Horses, Cult of Riggonia, Scotty Lingelbach, Floco Torres, live art by Kenneth Shearer and WIlliam Dantzler, and visual projection from Clark Bush and Cult of Riggonia. The Macon Noise, Vol. 1 Benefit will take place on First Friday, July 2, at Grant’s Lounge. To see all of these bands will cost you a whopping $3 at the door and the venue is admitting 18+. Macon Noise, Vol. 1 Benefits starts at 8pm.

So what is up with all of these “fundraisers”? Clark Bush is trying to put together a compilation CD of music from many of the musicians here in the middle GA area.

The goal is to raise enough money through live shows to manufacture 250 physical two disc albums with music from each act, artwork, info, links, bios and more. Macon Noise Vol 1 focuses strongly on the DIY, indie, experimental, underground, punk, lofi, avant garde, rock/hiphop/pop, noise, alternative, and up and coming inspiring artists who have been active recently [and] over the past 5 years in Macon’s music scene. (

According to the Macon Noise facebook page, Macon Noise, Vol. 1 will be available for download sometime this week AND the Macon Noise fanzine (put together by Shawn Williamson with content from artists and writers all over the city) will soon be available online and in hard copy form. A lot of people are working hard to give people unfamiliar with the music scene in Macon a chance to hear and understand what is going on downtown and across the city when it comes to independent music.

I was at North Macon Park watching Vinson Muhammed, organizer of the Real Talk Hip Hop Summit, talking to students about hip hop – giving them a historical view of the genre. In doing so, he demonstrated some of his own music and I watched as a girl wrinkled her nose even though he was good. I asked her if she liked the music and she shook her head. “Why don’t you like it?” I asked. She shrugged her shoulders and said, “I just don’t like it.” “Is it because you don’t know the music?” She shrugged her shoulders again and repeated she didn’t like it.

I think that’s where a lot of people are. That’s where I was. It was wanting to get out and do something that encouraged me to go out and listen to strangers making music I wasn’t hearing on the radio or in my CD collection. I was one of those people who said that nothing was going on in Macon even though there were events going on throughout the week, in particular small venues promoting music. I began to go out, to meet the musicians, tell them how I felt about their music. I discovered that these sarcastic, wry, funny people have become some of my favourite people and now I use my words to convince others to come hear them play. They are worth your $3 on a First Friday night. They are worth more than free, although they are free, at the Golden Bough events. And you will want their albums and CDs because they are good. Some of them are more than good, and I guarantee you will find a favourite among the genres presented to you.



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