Snacking on the Local 478 Final Friday

I was able to catch a few moments of the local 478 tonight after going to Acapulco for a birthday margarita with a bunch if friends. I caught the Honey’s band Back City Woods. They do such a good job when they have good sound! Tim “Lobsters on a Piano” Gilleland was holding the sound down. I love their whole set, but “Lawdy Mercy”, which they ended with, is my favorite.

Afterwards, The S.E.T. closed out the free show in Third Street Park. I loved that they gave a shout to the 80s, and they were pretty good. I think it’s about time to visit Sonny Spoon’s showcase at the Riverview Ballroom. Thanks to NewTown Macon, Chris Horne and host Floco Torres. Good show!


One response to “Snacking on the Local 478 Final Friday”

  1. angelcollins says :

    Pictures will be coming soon. Crappy pictures, but pictures nonetheless

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