Snacking on Pre-Bragg Jam News

In 7 weeks, downtown Macon will be host to a slew of bands from the midstate and surrounding areas…

Correction: MACON will be host to a slew of bands from the midstate and surrounding areas…

Do you know how good it is to be able to say that. Now, I know those of us who live and play downtown will resist going to other venues outside of the downtown area. It’s understandable. If you’re catching the trolley, you are subject to the whims of traffic, the start times of bands, the end times of the bands that you travel from, and maybe, possibly making the trek by yourself.

Bragg Jams has always included sites outside of downtown. The Shamrock in Paine City (that other town just off of Vineville) usually becomes a sweaty, down home jammin’ mess (in a good way) while Rivalry’s in North Macon will try to rock our faces off. This year, another site that has become one of my favourite places to hear live music (a couple of weeks ago, saw Packway Handle Band and fell in love with all those guys – especially after they reconvened for one last boot stompin’ jam on the somewhat large [for a restaurant] dance floor), the Mellow Mushroom joins the fray, so driving around Macon to listen to music just got a little easier for almost every part of town.

I wonder when Whiskey River will get on board? They’d have to be a mini-Bragg Jam all by themselves…

Of course, for those of you (us) who will be drinking and don’t want to travel outside of the downtown area because you’re not sure where you will end up (you know who you are…) there are plenty of sites that will satisfy your Bragg Jam-my needs. The 567 Cafe, moved from 567 Cherry to the Thorpe Building (just past the Rookery) will play host to several bands.  Actually, let me set it up like this:

No Smoking, All Ages Venues all day:

Third Street Park

The 567 Cafe

The Cox Capitol Theatre

The Rookery *

The Shamrock*

The Mellow Mushroom

* Will stop being all ages at 10pm.

18 + Venues:

Bottom’s Up

The Shamrock*

The Rookery*


*18 + after 10pm

21 + Venues:

The Hummingbird

Elizabeth Reed’s Music Hall

Did I just say Elizabeth Reed’s Music Hall?

Hell yeah, I just said that Liz Reed’s is going to be a Bragg Jam site. While there are fond (and not so fond) memories of the place, it just might be nice to have that spot back in circulation.

As more information comes out, I’ll update you on where to go to get more information. Hope to see you there! It’ll be the best $20 you ever spent.


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