Snacking on More Bragg Jam News

A press release went out yesterday announcing the venues and line-ups for the upcoming Bragg Jam…

[Pause for excited squeal – I love it when a live music plan comes together]

The music list is copied directly from the press release so I don’t mess anything up. There is also a link to the Bragg Jam site (click, click, click!) or join the Facebook Group (you know you need to, right?) to get up to the minute information as it comes out.

Concert Crawl Locations Expand

Third Street Park will continue to serve as a Bragg Jam stage during the Concert Crawl until 10 p.m. In addition to the “School of Rock,” the all-ages Third Street Park will feature bands Stribling, Dub Shak featuring Dean Brown, Brian Lee & the Family and D.J. Dirt Dogg. It will also be a trolley pick-up and drop-off destination.

The new location of The 567 Café (in the former Thorpe’s building on Cherry Street) will kick-off at 5 p.m. with Sue & the Bastards. The local law faculty group will feature special guests like Rabbi Larry Schlesinger. Also performing at the all-ages and smoke-free venue are the Rocketboys; O’Brother; Demun Jones & Lamar Williams, Jr.; Sonny Spoon & Dollyhood Records Presents B.O.S. Entertainment; and St. Francis.

Bottoms Up (566 Cherry Street) is an 18 & up venue featuring Ashutto Mirra at 6 p.m.; followed by Citizen Insane; the Moaners; and the Rolybots.

The all-ages and smoke-free Cox Capitol Theatre (382 Second Street) starts at 5 p.m. with Deep Blue Sun; an encore reunion of Macon’s Loose Change; the much-anticipated reunion of Allgood; and the Ralph Roddenberry Band.

The soon-to-be-opened Elizabeth Reed’s Music Hall (original location on Cherry Street) will be a 21 & up, smoke-free venue. It kicks-off at 5:30 with the Royal Fireworks; followed by American Aquarium; the 16 Bars Hip-Hop Orchestra; and Soulphonics & Ruby Velle.

The Hummingbird Stage & Taproom (430 Cherry Street) is a 21 & up venue, starting at 5:15 with hip-hop collaborative the Local 478 Presents Floco Torres, Al K!ng & City Council; followed by Abby Owens Band; Dirty Guv’Nahs and Tron Jackson.

Bragg Jam’s mainstay venue, the Rookery (543 Cherry Street), where the first performance took place to honor the memory of Brax and Tate Bragg, will be all-ages until 10 p.m., before switching to 18 & up. It will remain a non-smoking venue and feature Little Country Giants at 5:30 p.m.; followed by the Friends of Brax tribute; the Bushels; and Hank Vegas.

The Shamrock (342 Rose Avenue) is also all-ages until 10 p.m., then switches to 18 & up. It kicks off at 5:45 with Mississippi John Doude; followed by Good Country People; Big Mike & the Booty Papas; and Vex.

Rivalry’s (3986 Northside Drive) returns as an 18 & up venue. Ocha La Rocha gets things started at 5:30 p.m.; followed by the Corey Crowder Band; Lingo; and Sol Junky.

A new location for Bragg Jam, the Mellow Mushroom (5425 Bowman Rd) is an all-ages, smoke-free venue. Molly Stevens returns from Nashville for her performance at 5:45; before Acoustic Workship re-unites; followed by the Nick Malloy Band; and the Shane Bridges Band.

Admission to Bragg Jam’s Concert Crawl is $20 for an admission armband and includes free trolley transportation to all of the venues. Armbands are sold the night of the event and available at each of the festival’s venues.

Now, that was easy, wasn’t it? While not every place has times up yet, you know they will be putting out that schedule in an easy to print format so you can highlight all the bands you want to see.

Last year, I did an okay job of making the bands I wanted to see, although it was kinda hot to be running from place to place. Some bands didn’t start on time or end on time, causing me to miss a couple of acts, but overall, I made it to most I wanted to see. In fact, because of some bands being off schedule, I got to see acts that weren’t on my list, like the Moaners. I hope to see them again this year.

There are a couple of groups I wish we could see during this year’s Bragg Jam, my own internal dream acts, but for now I’m happy. Who do you wish Bragg Jam would add to this event? If you could put together your dream list of musicians to play Bragg Jam, who would you pick?


One response to “Snacking on More Bragg Jam News”

  1. angelcollins says :

    The bands I would like to see – Packway Handle Band, Eleisha Eagle, Romantica, Back City Woods, Warm in the Wake (local and local-ish musicians)

    M.I.A., Pantera, Tool, Pearl Jam, Neko Case, Death Cab for Cutie, Modest Mouse, Kings of Leon, Sufjan Stevens, The Toadies, Arcade Fire (even though I’m seeing them in August) [love for these people/groups to come to Macon]

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