Snacking on New Oh Dorian

Despite being a self proclaimed stalker of singer/songwriter Heather Kemp, better known as Oh Dorian, I find that I know next to nothing about the new music that she will be playing tonight, February 13, 2010 at the 567 on Cherry Street.

I’ve listened to Strung Finger of an Old Dear over and over for the past few months as if that song will give me a clue but all it does it taunt me with the difference in musical styles from the other things I’ve collected from every Oh Dorian show I’ve been too.

No, these collected things are not trophies.

There are two things I know about tonight’s upcoming show…

1) Heather Kemp is extremely excited about it. EXTREMELY. We are going to hear music that has been two years in the making, a celebratory coup de grace from the woman who taught us all the meaning of a well placed vocal note in a song. Even if you thought that Oh Dorian’s songs were kinda on the emo side, you could not deny the power of her voice. In the years since I’ve first heard her sing, that voice has gotten better. All in all, her excitement just increases myo excitement.

2) Oh Dorian will be playing with a full band. Even though I know other little tidbits about said show, I think I am in for my own surprises and with some of the surprises in store, it would be a shame for anyone to miss it. Go check her out.


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