Snacking on the Best of 2009

There are a lot of Bests lists going around. Also, with the Macon Food and Culture Foodie! Awards and the 11th Hour’s Readers Choice Awards coming up, we will see who Macon considers the best in the city. This best list, however, doesn’t care about anyone else except me. With that, let’s get started.

Best New Restaurant That Already Doesn’t Have Lunch Anymore: Lemongrass – Try Carla’s favourite dish.

Most Improved Restaurant That I Vowed Never to go to Again but Go All the Time: The Rookery – The black and Bleu burger is my favourite.

Best Artist that I Kinda Sorta Stalked by Going to Nearly Every Concert: Oh Dorian – Tied for second is Floco Torres & Al K!ng

Best Restaurant that Everyone Already Knew About but I Just Started Eating at This Year: Pho Saigon – All the food is fantastic, but try the lemonade.

Best Group that Also Would Guarantee My Baby Would Be Out and About With Me: Roly-Bots (put out an album, why don’t you!)

Best In Retirement DJ That Needs to Come out of Retirement: DJ Roger Riddle

Best New DJ That I Know Will Get My Feet Moving (in a Good Way): DJ Sir Montalban, Jr.

Best New Dessert Made By Someone Other Than Rita Beachy: Dolce Vita’s Chocolate Torte (oh, the ganache! – Thanks Ashley!)

Best Old Dessert That I Wouldn’t Mind Having Right Now: Market City’s Chocolate Cake (happy birthday to me!)

Most Nerdly Thing I Was Involved In: Trivia (thanks, Hummingbird [Wed @ 7] and BJs [Tue @ 7]!)

So what were your favourite things from 2009? Yeah, c’mon, I want to know!


4 responses to “Snacking on the Best of 2009”

  1. Ashley Croft says :

    You’re the best.

    “Best Artist that I Kinda Sorta Stalked by Going to Nearly Every Concert.” Haha!

  2. anna ruth says :

    so say we all!

  3. Terrell Sandefur says :

    Love it Angel…Your categories are terrific!

  4. John R. says :

    I’ve been involved in about half this list with you. My favorite? Trivia cheaters bust-up! The prize? A complimentary pitcher of beer. Not bad!

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