Snacking on Music – And What A Weekend Was Had!

College Hill Corridor was definitely busy this weekend.

I used to be someone who said that there was nothing to do in Macon. That’s because I didn’t really know anybody and I didn’t take the time to get to know people, because it is this connection with people and the community that lets you know about things that are going on. There is always someone trying to keep us on top of what’s going on, whether it is NewTown Macon, the 11th Hour, MFood and Culture or little old me with this blog, and we want this community to get out and DO SOMETHING…

While it was a shame there weren’t more people there, those of us who were didn’t let that bother us. A free concert in a very beautiful part of downtown??? Hell yeah, sign me up! The free concert in question started with local acts Floco Torress, Al K!ng, and City Council (sans 2/3 of the Paper Street Band – Shawn did show up to play guitar) before Incredible Sandwich and the Dexateens took the stage for longer sets.

I am not a performer, nor will I ever be one, but even I can understand why it’s important to the performer that we really get into what we are listening to. Have you ever been to a concert and felt like, “this shit is dead!” My question to you is, “what were you doing? Were you standing there like a lump, or were you up there singing along, getting in their faces, letting them know that you are listening?” Because if you’re standing there like a lump and so is everyone around you, you bring down the energy of the performer and the show. Unlike computers, people usually only give what they take. And when a performer gets hype, it is usually because their audience is hype. Don’t believe me, check out a few shows and change your actions and see how much more fun it could be.

I’m speaking from experience. And our local acts need it. They aren’t as big as the traveling acts making their way to us, so they need us to know their songs and sing their songs so that if anyone comes through and sees them for the first time, it will be just that much better. And our behaviour convinces them to up their game mainly because I’m not gonna get hype just because you’re my friend. You have to bring your A-game every time. I want you to succeed, local musician, not get lazy because you know I’ll always be there dancing in the front row. I promise you, get lazy and I’ll stop showing up.

Yes, that was a threat.

Downtown Look Around – Floco Torres, Al K!ng, & City Council

Truth time. This past Friday at the Free Concert for the Downtown Look Around sponsored by College Hill Corridor, Floco Torres, and Al K!ng blew me away. They are doing it every time I see them on the stage. I’m not a big fan of hip hop and I only gave these two a chance because they were nice guys, but once you get to your second or 3rd listening of their albums or hear them live, you realize they have true talent. As for City Council, they have their moments. Perry Valentyne was on it that night. I’d never seen him more animated or on top of his game. In that setting, out on the square in front of the Terminal Station at the end of Cherry Street, you really miss the Paper Street Band. I heard City Council perform for the American Red Cross benefit about a month ago and I was afraid that I wasn’t going to enjoy them as much because they were without the band, but they were awesome. Some of the songs I’d never heard before, the lyrics were on point, their flow was relentless and they had me dancing, front and center, and enjoying myself. In that show, Jubee was excellent and I realized that he could be as good as he says he is. Once again, I have to stress that I’m not a big hip hop fan and knowing Jubees and Valentyne’s sense of humour, find some of their lyrics more funny than enticing, but at the same time, being a rock baby, I love it when the bass, guitar and drums are in play. I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings, but I also want my guys (because in truth, I consider every musician in Macon, that I’ve gotten to know and love, mine) to continue growing as artist and to blow up like they deserve.

Downtown Look Around – Incredible Sandwich & The Dexateens

Incredible Sandwich… when they did the jam band thing, I like it, but everything else was just okay. It was the Dexateens that blew me away. So, because there were no drinks, nothing, not even water (let’s remedy that for next year), we were at BJs talking amongst ourselves, buying each other drinks. I saw Jessica Walden heading out and she calls back that the Dexateens are starting. We leave maybe about 5 minutes or so later and catch them at the end of a song. The last strains of alt-country wafting in the breeze, I’m thinking to myself, jeez, do I really want to hear alt country tonight?

My honey is a fan of alt-country, though he’s been rockin’ Jay-Z’s The Black Album lately, so I’ve listened to my fair share of alt country. After the hip hop earlier, I’m not sure I’m all about switching it up. But I’m dedicating myself to the cause so I stay. And boy am I glad I did. They’re like a heavy metal alt country where there is toe tapping and head banging a plenty. I renewed my 6pm sweat and then tromped to the ‘Bird to maybe get a chance to tell them just how great they were. I wish I could give you a better, musical review of their show, but I will just say if you like your country with a metal edge or your metal with a strum and a twang – or if you fancy that you haven’t heard that I will definitely say the Dexateens are one to check. They guys were all super nice as well and seemed to appreciate the new fans.

The ‘Bird – Macon Greyson

The ‘Bird had a band that was about to go on and I begrudgingly gave my $5. I wasn’t here to listen to them, but by another happy chance, the band, Macon (no relation) Greyson was another country rock hybrid. I barely listened at first, but when my girl K asked if I wanted to go up and dance, I joined her and finally started paying attention. By the time the lead guitarist pulled out a banjo (and later, a slide guitar), I was egging them on. “Play more banjo! Play more banjo!” The music was good and I will never again pass by the ‘Bird with a Macon Greyson sign as if I have no clue the good music they will have in store. The guys were also kind enough to give away a CD. On the stage, you could tell they truly loved what they were doing. I see musicians making all kinds of faces as they get into it their music, but, like Abby Owens at Bragg Jam, there was something so beatific about the looks on their faces as the music streamed from their fingers and into the mics. They were the purveyors of music and on the stage, performing, is exactly where each of them belonged.

It was more than a lovely night. It was a night that anyone who claims to love music truly, heartbreakingly, missed out on if they weren’t a part of it.

I missed Second Sunday Brunch. If you went to Second Sunday Brunch in the park, add your take of the event to the comments.


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