Snacking on Movies in the Park

If you are going to watch a movie in the park, there are certain things you should bring.

1. A blanket or chair. The ground is wreckage on your derrier.
2. Water, especially if you walked up the Orange Street hill to Coleman Hill. If you have a cooler, cocktails are appropriate.
3. Snacks. Believe it or not, two hours is a long time to not snack on something.

In the park watching Lovely By Surprise, with Carrie Preston. It is a weird, brilliant film. The story is about Marion, a writer who is going through a creative crisis and what happens when one of the characters in her story escapes from the pages. To say anything else would take away the loveliness of art over tragedy.

You should have been here.


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5 responses to “Snacking on Movies in the Park”

  1. BigBen says :

    Yes. I should have.

    • angelcollins says :

      Well, I’m glad you’re where you are, but we down here miss you!

      • Pam Preston says :

        It was a wonderful evening ,a sweet reunion for family and friends and fans. It was a treat to have Carrie home to share this film with the community.

      • angelcollins says :

        What has been amazing is how much Carrie Preston has given back to the community artistically. The movie was amazing, the venue was great (love Coleman Hill!) and I saw old friends and made new ones.

  2. Terrell Sandefur says :

    Carrie Preston has become great advocate for Macon after experiencing the Macon Film Festival in 2009.

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