Snacking on More Bragg Jam

No, sorry, this is not part two. This is another post about other things concerning Bragg Jam.

I understand your confusion.

Bragg Jam is holding a press conference Monday, August 31, 2009 at Cox Capital Theatre. At 11:30am, they will present the proceeds from July’s Bragg Jam to the Ocmulgee Heritage Trail, Cox Capital Theatre and the Georgia Music Hall of Fame M.I.K.E. program. They are also going to talk about becoming a year round presence in Macon.

I know when we have events, like the Foodie Awards, The 11th Hour Reader’s Choice Awards, Bragg Jam, the Street Party, and other events that involves a lot of community support as well as community participation and we get it, it’s like we are riding on a high, only to feel the crash of disappointment when we go out the next week and we have to try to find our own excitement. That’s not to say that something exciting can’t be going on, but just to say we really enjoy those big events and wish there were more of them.

But not if they suck. I know our attitudes, in part, determine if something will be good or not, but sometimes, things just aren’t put together in a way that facilitates us having fun. So I’m counting on the board for Bragg Jam to really kind of hone in on what the rest of us want, give all of our favourites a fighting chance to gain a bigger audience, and introduce us to many new talented acts.

I don’t think that’s asking too much? Do you?


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